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When I hear about things such as anatomically correct dolls on the market for our children to play with, I think only two things. One, I am glad that my kids don’t play with dolls anymore and two, why? What is the purpose in this? I have tried to understand what good this would do for the young ones that are playing with them and yet, I have come up with nothing. I am not a “prude” or old-fashioned. In fact, I tend to be a rather progressive and understanding parent, but the thought of dolls with penises and vaginas just strikes me as more than a little bit distasteful.

In a world that is already filled to overflowing with sex and nudity, why would we want to add to that? Our children are having it thrown at them on the television, in pictures, in advertisements, and anywhere else that the marketplace can put it in front of them. For me, as a parent, I see no need to add to the pile of it. Anatomically correct dolls are a novelty that young children have no use for. I can understand them being used in therapeutic settings, or for investigations into child abuse, but not just for children’s playtime.

Exposing our children to anatomically correct dolls at these tender ages effectively does one thing. It begins earlier than ever to numb them to the sacred nature of their bodies. If their dolls are showing theirs, why can’t our children? In the mind of a child, this could be very confusing. They should be taught that these are private areas, but how will they understand that when they are seeing it every time they get their dolls out? This is also going to, for many children, begin their quest for answers about many things, including the “birds and the bees” before they are really old enough to understand the explanations they will be given. Most parents don’t look forward to having these talks any earlier than necessary.

Our children are having their innocence disrupted earlier and earlier with every generation. Why would we, as the adults, want to steal this from them any earlier than we have to? Children deserve the chance to just live and play, without worrying about what a penis or a vagina is and why they look the way they do. Anatomically correct dolls should be taken from the toy store shelves and out of the grasp of our little ones. Let them have their innocence. Let them play for a while. And, just let them be children.

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Anyone know where to buy a doll...

2003-12-08 15:02:03 by MamaAndMore

..that is anatomically correct and a baby boy? I remember buying my nephew his first doll about 5 years ago, and now I can't remember where and can't seem to find what I'm looking for. BTW, by anatomically correct, I don't mean one of those dolls they use with kids who've been sexually abused, just not a neuter, like Ken!

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