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This Baby Alive doll comes alive in incredible ways,allowing little girls to play mommy as they change her diaper and feed her special baby food. Not only can this doll really eat and poop,she has facial expressions and phrases that let mommy know when it's time to be changed or fed. Ideal for ages 3 to 5,Baby Alive is more life-like than ever.

Doll can be changed and fed like a real baby.

Baby Alive includes diapers,feeding utensils,bottle,and bib. .

In the Diaper Bag
Being a mom can be a challenge,but the Baby Alive doll comes with plenty of cool accessories to make parenting easier. The doll comes with a dress,diapers,feeding utensils,bottle,bib,four food packets,and other accessories. The roomy diaper bag has places to store the bowl,spoon,and bottle. Mom will be prepared for diaper changes,as this set also includes two extra doll diapers. Best of all,four AA batteries are provided to make this 16-inch baby come alive.

Incredibly Realistic
Originally introduced in 1973,Baby Alive has been re-born and is now even more like a real infant. Little girls love to take care of her and she is always ready to play,laugh,and talk for hours of amusement.Moms in the making will enjoy giving her a bottle and changing her messy diaper. She really eats and expresses her satisfaction by saying,"Mmm,Good." She also lets mommy know when its time to be changed by saying,"Uh-oh,I made a stinky!" When Baby Alive gets tired,she becomes drowsy and eventually falls asleep. She also speaks,has facial expressions,and her big,blue eyes really move.

What's in the Box
Dress,4 doll diapers,diaper bag,bottle with nipple and cap,bowl,spoon,4 packets of doll food,bib,and four AA batteries.

From the Manufacturer

Playing mommy is more fun than ever with BABY ALIVE - the doll that eats and poops just like a real baby! Feed her or give her a bottle,and then get ready to change her messy diaper! She's ready to play,laugh and talk with you and you will love taking care of her! When this doll is hungry,you can mix up some of her special doll food! She really eats and tells you how she likes it with fun electronic phrases like,"Mmm good!" She'll even tell you it's time to change her diaper when she says,"Uh-oh,I made a stinky!" When your BABY ALIVE doll is tired,she gets drowsy and falls asleep! Bonus diaper bag has places to store bowl,spoon and bottle! Plus,you'll be prepared for a diaper change with two extra doll diapers! Doll comes with dress,4 doll diapers,diaper bag,bottle with nipple and cap,bowl,spoon,4 packets of doll food and bib.


Baby Alive Baby Alive Kicks & Cuddles Newborns Doll - Caucasian Light Brown Eyes
Toy (Baby Alive)
  • Doll really kicks
  • Remove her bottle from her hand
  • Includes blanket
  • Doll comes with blanket and bottle

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