Baby Born Swimming Doll

My Little Baby Born I Can Swim
Dolls The doll itself is made from a soft plastic with moveable arms and legs. She is wearing a very pretty swimsuit, and the girls really enjoyed getting her ready for the bath, with her flippers and goggles. The doll also has a comb and hair clips for styling her lifelike head of hair.

The girls were incredibly excited to get their hands on this, and of course the first thing they wanted to do was put her in the bath – so my first challenge was to locate three AAA batteries. TV remote dismantled, it was time to try it out.

We placed her in the bath and after a few seconds, incredibly, she started to swim. The doll has a rather clever water sensor, so once placed in the water, the arms and legs start to move in a rather realistic front crawl motion. The girls were delighted, and she has now become a permanent feature of our bathtime routine. Thanks to the recent spell of good weather Rose (as she was promptly named by P.) has also enjoyed several outings to the paddling pool!

I was expecting the doll to be a big hit with M., who is three and baby obsessed, but it is actually five year old P. who is the most taken with it, and seems to enjoy playing with her hair and adjusting the goggles and flippers even more than watching her swim.

Overall, this is a lovely doll with lots of play value, and would make any little girl very happy.
Technical specifications

When placed in water the new doll will automatically swim on her own by moving her arms and kicking her legs. The swimming action is activated by a water sensor on the doll‘s back that triggers when wet.

Not only does my little BABY born® I Can Swim boast an educational play pattern for little girls, she also encourages nurturing play, enabling parents to extol the benefits of water safety to their child in a fun and playful environment.

The doll comes with a bathing suit, goggles and flippers, she also has rooted hair and comes with two hair clips and one comb so children can enjoy hair play too.Suitable for children aged 3 plus, my little BABY born® I Can Swim is the ultimate bath time play little BABY born® I Can Swim will be available to buy in all good toy shops nationwide and will retail at £24.99.


ZAPF Zapf Baby Born Mommy Look I Can Swim
Toy (ZAPF)
  • Doll automatically swims on her own when placed in water
  • Arms move and feet kick
  • Includes goggles and flippers
  • Rooted hair with fun hair play accessories (1 comb and 2 hair clips)

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Baby Born Mommy Look I can Swim

$44 for gifts only or gifts and food

2009-12-06 09:10:49 by sangygogo

For gifts hit the sales. Target, Walmart, Kmart, and Toys R Us have been having big sales and buy one get one on certain toys. Barbies are as low as $4 you can get a Barbie outfit for $2. Board games like candy land or chutes and ladders are about $5 everyplace right now. If she has a favorite baby doll get her some accessories for it like a new outfit, diapers, bottle, diaper bag. Some of the big box stores sell toys in their own packaging that are made by the big manufacturers. You can get a can of generic tinker toys for $7.99 at Kmart. My kids are big on art and school supplies a lot of those things are on clearance

MGA Entertainment Baby Born Mommy, Look I Can Swim Doll Playset with Baby Born Boy Swimming Doll, Beach Towel, Adorable Swim Shorts, Seahorse Water Squirt Toy, Pair of Sunglasses, Pair of Sandals, Swim Cap and Instructions
Toy (MGA Entertainment)
ZAPF Baby Born Baby Born Amazing Bubbles N Swim Doll - Girl
Toy (ZAPF)
  • She blows bubbles through her mask as she snorkels along the surface of the water
  • She really swims her arms move and her legs kick
  • Her arms can be set in a swimming pose
  • She starts to swim as soon as she?s placed in the water
MGA Entertainment Baby Born Mommy, Look I Can Swim! 13" Doll, Boy AA
Toy (MGA Entertainment)
  • (1) Baby Born Mommy, Look I Can Swim! 13" Doll, Boy African American
MGA Entertainment MGA Entertainment BB Mommy Look I Can Swim-Boy
Toy (MGA Entertainment)
  • He swims along the waters surface
  • Comes with towel, swim cap, swim trunks, sunglasses and sandals
  • Squeeze his seahorse to squirt water
  • He kicks & moves his arms when he swims
  • Recommended for ages 3 and up

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