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Handmade doll clothes at affordable prices for the 18" dolls, American Girl Dolls, 15" dolls, Bitty Baby, and Bitty Baby Twins. Most of my doll clothing will fit other dolls including Our generation dolls, Target dolls, Springfield dolls, Battat dolls, and Madame Alexander dolls. If you are purchasing my items to fit a doll besides the American girl or bitty baby doll, the fit may vary slightly. Some dolls have more slender bodies, some are stuffed more, or some have a plastic body. My items are finished with a serger unless otherwise noted and are already finished and ready for shipping.


Looking for 2 of the same item? Sometimes I may have more. Please convo me if you need more than one.

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Lilly-rose reborn baby doll clothes haul ebay
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Huge reborn baby doll clothes haul! Huge!
easy [ no sew]‏ ag doll clothes
easy [ no sew]‏ ag doll clothes

Both my boys loved and still like dolls.

2004-11-22 10:51:30 by 2brothers

We had two favorites -
A soft stuffed doll that is good for nighttime snuggling. My mom bought it, I don't know where, the doll has dark brown skin and longish hair. I think it came with clothes, but she has been naked for so long, I don't remember what they looked like.
A hard plastic with soft body smaller doll. You know, the classic baby doll.
We also have a doll stroller. My boys love to take care of their babies. It is such a sweet game that they play, wrapping them in dishtowels and taking them for walks, feeding them, reading them books. Dolls are great for any kid.

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