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Women's Sleepwear

No longer is it just nightgowns, chemises, pajamas and bathrobes. Women now sleep in everything from boyfriends boxers to camisoles and boy shorts. You still have your traditional women's pajamas, and nighties - these are sleep wear staples. However, women are now branching off into more comfortable and/or sexy sleepwear areas. On the comfortable side you have soft cotton knit sleep wear and loungewear that you could sleep in or feel comfortable wearing if you had to answer the door. On the sexy side you have sexy gowns that are sheer, clingy, embellished with lace trim, very short, and worn with thongs. And the baby doll lingerie category has become very popular.

You may have wondered where the terms pajamas, negligee, chemise and baby doll lingerie came from to describe various women's sleepwear garments. Well, here's a brief history.

The word pajamas was the name given to a loose and lightweight drawstring trouser worn in South and West Asia. The name was picked up in Britain when such pants and a tailored loose top were combined into a sleepwear garment. The 50's TV shows showing couples in single beds also showed them completely covered up in pajamas in order to let a bedroom scenes pass the sensors scrutiny. Today, pajamas are affectionately referred to as pjs.

In French, negligee meant "careless" or "neglected." This word transitioned to mean an informal gown of soft sheer fabric to be worn by women at home. Back when tight corseted clothing was common, women would take an afternoon rest by removing their corsets and slipping into a loose-fitting negligee. Over the years, this term has evolved and now means a woman's sheer, loose nightgown or dressing gown.

The word chemise is actually the original word given to underwear garments. Back when fabrics were not as soft, a chemise was a one piece loose hanging garment worn underneath to provide protection and padding from the outer garment. Chemises were much easier to clean than the outer garments, so it was common to have several chemises and rotate them between washings. Today the word chemise has evolved to mean a short a-line sleepwear nightgown.

Ladies Sleepwear Today:

As for women's pajamas, they can now be short sleeve or sleeveless like the Oscar de la Renta pajamas. Cotton pajamas are the norm like with our P-jamas and Hanro pajamas. But Vanity Fair pajamas made in nylon are a classic. The pajama style is a classic one, but there are sexy pajamas out there as well.


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Gift suggestions for niece and nephew

2010-12-17 09:59:31 by late-xmas-shopper

I always wait too late and become overwhelmed at Toys R Us... niece is in Kindergarten and nephew is 3 and 1/2. Niece is a girly girl, but I see a glimmer of a science interest (yay!). She still likes Barbies, but seems to have outgrown baby dolls. Nephew LOVES animals -especially elephants- dinosaurs and dragons.
They have tons of toys, books, crafts, movies; they don't have much room for large toys.
Sister requested clothes, but I would like to get something fun.
Budget is $100 for both. I would appreciate any ideas! TIA.

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