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Living Baby Tender Love

baby doll


Baby Tender Love, a variation of a drink-and-wet doll, first appeared in Mattel catalogues in the early 1970s. Though several dolls in the Baby Tender Love line doll had nonposable bodies, the Living Baby Tender Love doll came with jointed limbs so that it could sit up on its own. The doll had soft, life-like skin made of "Dublon." Mattel made the doll in a talking version, one with an African American complexion, and one with anatomically correct features.

Manufacturer Mattel, Inc.
Material soft plastic | vinyl | fabric | synthetic hair | Dublon
Origin Mexico
Style drink & wet
Object ID 112.5445
Credit Line Gift of Suzanne Brystal Nielsen in honor of Brent Michael and Crystal Lynn Gramkee

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JC Toys Group, Inc. JC Toys 20" Lots to Cuddle - (Outfits and Expressions May Vary)
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Whitman Baby Tender Love Paper Doll
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JC Toys Group, Inc. Designed by Berenguer 20" Lots to Cuddle African American
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