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My 5-year-old daughter lo ...
see more My 5-year-old daughter loves this item. From the moment we completed it, she has been playing with it regularly and it has provided hours of entertainment. It definitely lends itself to creative play. I love the fact that it has so many rooms that it allows for lots of different scenarios and lots of different barbies.
She was particularly happy that the house came with so many accessories. It really is fully furnished. She loved setting up the individual rooms and each one leads to lots of imaginative play. She thinks it is a fabulous house!
Some of the rooms were favorites. For example, the room with Barbie's closet was so fascinating to my daughter that she didn't even want to put in on the house and enjoyed playing with it separately. She also played a lot with the kitchen.
So all that being said, there were also a few things my daughter wished were included. Since the closet was such a hit, she specifically mentioned (more than once) that she wished the house came with some additional clothes and accessories for Barbie (there was one pair of shoes included, but she wanted more). Also, since the house came with a dog, she thought that there should be a doggie door somewhere on the house. A new Barbie would also be appreciated, according to her.
From a parent perspective, the greatest improvement would involve revising the terrible assembly directions. The text and photos are almost useless. It's nice that some efforts have been made to build parts that only fit in one place (the supports), but the rest is a mess. It probably took about an hour to put together the main house, but that's not counting the vast amounts of time and frustration that went into properly installing the elevator. In short, the elevator is a total disaster. The elevator should either come already installed or have a much easier mechanism.
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Mattel Barbie Fashionista Ultimate Closet
Toy (Mattel)
  • Every girl needs a fabulous closet to store her fashionable clothes
  • Fill and organize your ultimate Barbie closet with the latest fashions
  • Display fashions with hangers and store accessories in compartments
  • Comes with a ring for the girl so she can accessorize in style
  • Includes 1 Barbie fashion, fabulous shoes, accessories and a ring for the girl

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I Love Raggedy Ann!

2009-08-20 09:53:59 by Cavvy

I still have my doll from when I was little (early 1980s)! Around my town, we have a store that sells art supplies, framing, and country gifts all in one. If you have a store like that, you might try there. I know that in this store they have stuff made from other people like sock monkeys and home made jam.
Also, if the pattern is made by her (her own design) she could also sell the pattern on etsy. I have heard that sometimes people make more off the pattern than the product.
You can also try shops that specialize in childrens' wear. Especially if it's in an artsy district where they hold art festivals and such

Frenzoo Style Me Girl - Free 3D Fashion Dressup
Mobile Application (Frenzoo)
  • SHOP TIL YOU DROP with thousands of gorgeous 3d styles from gothic to glam
  • CHOOSE your pose and snap the moment in exciting photoshoots
  • DECORATE your look with apparel, accessories, cosmetics and even pets!
  • DISCOVER over 30 different fashion genres from casual to couture
  • PLAY the style catch game to earn coins for even more shopping
  • FREE to play!
Mattel Barbie Fashionista Barbie Doll - Purple Dress
Toy (Mattel)
  • Strike a pose and express your fashion personality with Barbie Fashionistas dolls
  • Fashionista dolls wear the trendiest fashions
  • Doll has a distinct personality reflected in their clothes and accessories
  • Includes doll, purse, and fashion accessory
  • Collect the whole Barbie Fashionista Collection
Mattel Barbie and The Three Musketeers Corinne Doll
Toy (Mattel)
  • Corinne dreams of becoming an elite Musketeer!
  • She practices her skills with the greatest precision
  • Barbie doll as Corinne wears a glittery ball gown and sparkling tiara to attend the masquerade ball
  • Transforms into a Musketeer!
  • Doll includes a glitter sword accessory.

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