Boy Baby Dolls with hair

Horsman Dolls 1904-1920s

1904-1928 Horsman Babyland Rag Dolls, 13-28" tall, white or black, all cloth with a simple flat with little detail painted mask face, mitt like hands, some have mohair sewn to top of head, clothing is removable, marked: Genuine Babyland Trade Mark or unmarked. Some dolls may have the copyright date printed on the lower edge of the head plate, PAT'D JULY 8th 1901, these were made by Albert Brckner or marked Genuine Babyland Trade Mark or unmarked.

1907+ Dolls now have lithographed printed face, these seem to be mostly unmarked, they also made a Topsy Turvy doll, that has both a white and black doll face when turned over.

1910-1911 14" tall, Babyland Baby, Babyland Rag, Babyland Topsy, Babyland Topsy Baby, Topsy Turvy, Babyland Fancy, and Babyland Boy. 16 1/2" Babyland Beauty, 20" Babyland Dinah or Babyland Lady, Babyland Big Baby, 30" Babyland Dorothy, Baby and Jackie Robinson. 1911-1912 American Kids in Toyland dolls,

1910 Little Nemo doll, 15"

1911 Horsman Cotton Joe doll, character dolls, 10 or 14" tall, "Can't Break Em" composition brown head with painted features, hard stuffed cloth tan body, olive cloth legs, doll marked: E.I.H. 1911. Came wearing a red or striped shirt with brown or khaki suspender pants, some may have had a straw hat. He was one of the original American Kids in Toyland series.

Some other Can't Break Em dolls were; 1919 Little Mary Mix-Up doll 15" or 18" and 1917 Uncle Sam's Kids; Miss Sam doll, Master Sam doll, 15-15 1/2" tall.

1911 Puppy Pippin, 8"

1914-1930 Horsman Peterkin doll, 11 - 14" tall, all adtocolite or later all composition, girls and boys, cherubic painted faces, some use the Campbell Kid head mold, eyes look slightly to the left or right, smiling closed mouth, molded hair, some dolls have wigs, one piece body and head with jointed arms. The early Peterkin dolls are unmarked. The later dolls have a composition head and limbs with a cloth body, was marked: EIH, Inc., came with a variety of different outfits. Also Baby Peterkin doll of the Nature Babies dolls, Betsy Peterkin doll, Dimples doll, Fifi a super grade Petekin doll, Little Peterkin doll, Tommy Peterkin doll and Willie Peterkin doll. Fulper Pottery Company made an all bisque Peterkin doll in 1919.

1928 Horsman Mama doll, 20


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DS has dolls

2010-04-09 13:13:08 by sangygogo

I don't know where he got the first ones from. He got Sally about a year ago. All he wanted for Christmas was that doll and two black trucks. I bought DS2 a doll because I thought he would want one to play with his brother and sister. He opened it smiled and said "Here's your baby DD". He is currently trying to give a stuffed duck a ponytail while the other two are doing their dolls' hair. My nephew also played with boy dolls and at 15 shows no sign of being gay if that is a concern for you.
If your next question is does DH care, no he does not. I think DH may have bought Ken.

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