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Where Can You Buy a Graco Quattro Tour Doll Stroller

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Various methods of baby transport have been used across different cultures and periods and for different ages of child. Methods can be divided between wheeled devices including carrycots (North American English...


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Graco is a manufacturer infant and baby beds, strollers, cribs, etc. Graco Bassinet replacement parts can be found on the official Graco website.

Twin doll stroller is a baby carrier for twin babies. You can buy a stroller for twins from the local babies' shop depending on the age of the twins, the color ...

Graco Children's Products Inc. produces a variety of merchandise of babies and toddlers, including strollers, cribs, and car seats. Graco coupons can provide savings ...


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I have 5 strollers and still

2010-12-14 15:56:57 by room_with_a_view

Don't have an umbrella stroller which I would find very useful for my 18 mo old son. I probably won't get one though because we have:
-A graco travel system, which we have used tons for both boys
-a massive tandem double stroller, bought by my mom for $80 off CL and so heavy I can't push it with 2 kids in it. It doesn't corner either.
-an inexpensive single(not very small but smaller than the giant graco)stroller I received as a gift which we use for walks and the mall now that the kids are bigger and one walks
-a side by side double "jeep" stroller bought for $50 off CL and used very frequently on walks, excursions and out of town trips
- and lastly a useless cheapie gift stroller that is so short for me it's like a doll stroller and I kick it every time I...

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