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The first baby dolls I bought for my granddaughters were what my mother had bought for my daughters, Madame Alexander Pussycat and Victoria. They are high quality dolls and sought by many collectors for display. Although moderately expensive, they are delightful to hold and love, and to dress and redress. Little girls love them. Current ones are made of a vinyl composition and have a lifelike look.


When I ventured to another brand, I chose ZAPF. These dolls are more expensive and most buyers choose them for display or collecting. The baby dolls are also vinyl composition (hard) with a smooth feel. Bodies are cloth so the baby can be cuddled. The artist collection baby dolls are hand painted and extremely realistic. The play dolls by Zapf are very affordable. The vinyl is similar to that of many inexpensive play dolls. If you decide on a higher end baby doll, look on ebay and be patient. Often you will find one for 75% off or even more. Be aware, however, that since they are no longer made in Germany, sometimes they are pricey.


They are expensive in the artist designed series and much less so in the play dolls. The artist designed dolls are very realistic and beautifully dressed. Again, most are bought by collectors or for display. If you find one at a good price on ebay, you may want to consider seeing one in your favorite child's arms. Aurelia is an example of a baby/toddler that would be a good choice. Elegantly dressed, with human hair and gorgeous eyes, she nestles into the child's arms beautifully. I recommend the expensive models for 5 up. HEART AND SOUL

These babies are priced in a range between the Madame Alexander Pussycat and Victoria and the Zapf and Gotz babies. They may be made of a hard vinyl or a silicone mix. The vinyl will feel very smooth, almost silky, and the silicone will have a softer, less resistant feel. Watch carefully for them on ebay. They are well dressed, often very expensively, and sometimes can be bought at a nice price. Alina, for example, wears a gorgeous christening gown and cap, topped by a mohair sweater accented by faux pearls.


These dolls are often priced well below retail on ebay. If you find one of the cuddly babies, consider it. Most babies which are cuddly, in any brand, have cloth bodies. Again, composition is vinyl and bodies are cloth.



Source: www.ebay.com

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2005-12-11 10:03:10 by sangygogo

My parents always made a big to do about Christmas and buy us everything under the sun except for the things that we really wanted. Every year we would get every new Barbie and baby doll that was out and every year all I wanted was a sit n spin and an orange ball. I shared a room with my sister who had her own stereo but for some reason they decided that I needed a top of the line for that time stereo. Too stereos in one room made no sense to me even at 5. I never turned the thing on until I was in high school and by then it was obsolete. I wish I still had all of the untouched dolls I could make a fortune on ebay

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