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Native American Style Cultural Dolls
The Freeman Family: Merry Christmas!!

Welcome Home Our Native American Style Baby Dolls!

To new offer artistic interpretations of honored Native-American traditions, many of Ashton-Drake's leading doll artists have been inspired to create Native-American baby dolls with uniquely tender appeal and amazingly lifelike qualities. Our Native American style baby dolls offer exceptional sculpting and carefully handcrafted details that included beaded and fringed baby-doll costuming. Many of these adorable Native American-inspired babies also come complete with colorful custom accessories, such as patterned blankets and even a wooden rocking horse! As lovable examples of an ongoing respect for Native American traditions, these dolls will make wonderful additions to the treasured baby dolls you already own.

Native American Inspired Dolls Honor Native American Artists

Among our exciting selection of Native American-inspired dolls is one that features the art of Joe Yazzie, a renowned Navajo artist, featured prominently on the doll's costuming. Native American inspired dolls like this let you enjoy the amazing realism of a life-size baby doll along with the beauty and symbolism of genuine Native American art, all as part of the exceptional doll design. And because these Native American inspired dolls are all exclusives that you won't find in stores, this is the perfect place to shop for them.

Don't Miss Our Native American-Style Boy Doll with Handcrafted Accessory

Part of the special appeal of a Native American style doll is the wealth of accessories that often come with the doll, adding insight into the honored culture that the doll represents. Our Native American style boy doll comes complete with a handcrafted wooden rocking horse that is fitted with a riding blanket and fabric reins in the authentic Native American style of riding, and his horse really rocks for even more interactive display possibilities! Native American-style boy dolls like this active little fellow will make very special additions to your own "family" of dolls representing many cultures, so Shop Now!


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When my daughter is finished with her snack,

2008-01-24 07:36:52 by we_will

Continue homeschooling. I also need to make some re-usable diapers for that stupid Baby Alive doll she dot for Christmas. I can't believe they expect us to keep buying new diapers for a FAKE baby! I'm going to make some cloth diapers that we can rinse, dry and re-use. I don't have a money tree in the back yard!

Hasbro Baby Alive Baby's New Teeth - Brunette (Styles May Vary)
Toy (Hasbro)
  • Baby Alive Baby's New Teeth Doll features teeth that appear when her tongue is pressed
  • She also wets her diaper after she 'drinks' from her sippy cup
  • Help her with 'teething' with her teething toy and even brush her teeth with her toothbrush and 'toothpaste'
  • She'll love taking care of Baby Alive, just like a real mommy does
  • Style of accessories may vary, African American baby doll

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