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OOAK Babies Buying GuideOOAK is an acronym for "one of a kind." The term is used to describe baby dolls that are completely individual. Although the bodies and faces of the babies maybe the same as other dolls, they have been individually decorated and dressed so that they are unique. OOAK babies are often sculpted by hand and may have been designed exactly to a buyer’s requirements. Reborn dolls are one of the most popular type of OOAK babies. These dolls are very collectible and are painted to look as lifelike as possible. Reborn dolls are also known as "living dolls" due to their lifelike nature, and they are usually made from vinyl. While they are the most popular, reborn dolls are not the only OOAK dolls available. There are many different artisans who specialize in producing unique baby dolls made from a variety of different materials, such as porcelain. Buyers in the market for OOAK babies should know the options available before making a purchase.

OOAK Reborn and Newborn Babies

Reborn babies are not a brand of doll, but they are a type of doll created to look as realistic as possible. The art of creating reborn dolls is called "reborning, " and the artists who create the dolls are called "reborners." These babies were first created in the 1990s in the U.S. when there was a push for more realistic-looking baby dolls. The price range for reborns varies considerably depending on the skill level of the artist, but these babies can cost thousands of dollars. As well as purchasing completed OOAK babies, it is also possible to buy kits so crafters can make their own OOAK reborn baby. Making a doll from a kit is called "newborning." The term reborning refers to the process of taking an existing baby doll and completely transforming it into a new more lifelike baby. Reborn babies are generally purchased online. Reborn dolls are not generally intended to be played with by children, and they are generally collected by adults.

The Process of Reborning and Newborning

Reborn babies can be created using any size or shape of vinyl doll. Many reborners prefer certain brands of dolls to use a base for reborning, such as Berenguer Babies, Apple Valley, and Zapf dolls. These dolls are popular because they already considered to be lifelike in their appearance. Reborners start with an existing doll and change it into a OOAK baby with very realistic features.


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Teen girls carrying around baby dolls

2007-11-15 16:47:17 by that_cry?_practice?

Ok, i'm at a public library, and there's a teen with a baby doll that's crying, and she's feeding it and holding it, but it's still crying.
i've seen this before, always a teen girl, with these fake realistic babies, and i think they're so they'll know what it's like to have to care for a real baby.
does anyone know more about this? who tells them to do this? and what gets me, i've never seen a teen boy with one, but certainly sometimes they're young parents too in real life
anyone, the doll's still crying after all this, and the girl seems to be doing all she can, but i'm in a library and it's annoying

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