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Craftaholics Anonymous® | Baby Doll Diapers and Accessories TUTORIAL {Guest Blogger: Christina from 2 Little Hooligans}

Hello! I’m Christina from 2 little hooligans and I’m so excited to be joining all of my fellow craftaholics out there today! I want to thank Linda for inviting me today, it is such an honor for little ole’ me to be here with all of you today.

So here’s a little bit about me…

Now enough about me, Let’s get started, shall we?!

Baby Doll Accessories Tutorial

(Part 1: diapers, wipes and wipes case)

Doll Diaper TUTORIAL

Materials Needed:

*Scrap pieces of fleece, felt or any other non-fraying material

*Cotton fabric scraps or a fat quarter if you want them to all match

*Minky fabric or flannel scraps

*1/2″ sew on velcro

Trace the template onto the wrong side of the cotton fabric. If you want to add a little heart or label onto your diaper, add it now. Now take your piece of minky fabric and cotton fabric and place right sides together. Pin in place. Now sew directly onto your template outline. Make sure you leave a 1 1/2″ space for turning right side out on the back of your diaper.

Doll Accessories TUTORIAL

And because I couldn’t just stop there, I had to make up some wipes. I just cut my scrap pieces of fleece into 5 1/2″ by 4 1/2″ pieces. And that’s it. super easy right?


Baby Alive Baby Alive Kicks & Cuddles Newborns Doll
Toy (Baby Alive)
  • Doll really kicks
  • Remove her bottle from her hand
  • Includes blanket
  • Doll comes with blanket and bottle

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2005-12-23 15:08:00 by BabydollQ

My DD is *so* ready for a doll. She is 2 and is obsessed with babies. She tries to diaper her stuffed animals, etc.
Shall I splurge adn get her a Bitty Baby doll? Does anyone here have those dolls? (THey look so cute but I wonder if they have phthalates in their bodies?)
Or should I get something more Waldorf-like? If the latter, can I get clothes and accessories?

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