Baby Doll Costumes for Women

Ideas More Creative Than 'Sexy Kitten' (PHOTOS)
Shiny Dancers-Buy Cheap Shiny Dancers lots from China Shiny
  • Texts From Hillary

The viral Tumblr from April showed off some pretty badass photos of Hillz. Dress up in a nice black suit, throw on some killer shades, a necklace and a blonde wig (if you're not blonde naturally) and whip out your cell phone throughout the night. To finish it off, emblazon your chest with one of the "Texts From Hillary" comebacks. Our personal favorite is "It's Madame Secretary to you."

All you need is a poofy dress, a crown, some baby socks and a makeshift sash to transform yourself into one of America's most terrifying 4-year-olds.

If you're looking for an easy, low-key couples costume this year (and happen to be a fan of HBO's "Girls), we've got it covered. Just purchase two white onesies and you're done! Bonus points if you walk around with wet hair and cereal bowls.

Our Senior Lifestyle editor, Lori Fradkin, is skipping Halloween this year, but if she wasn't this is who she would be. She urges you all to steal her idea immediately. Plus, this can also be a totally not lame couples costume.

Leotards + gold medals + best friends = win. (You're allowed to wear pants.)

When we saw this costume on imgur, we instantly fell in love. You get to use yellow boas and show off some skin, but still be super creative. Plus -- EVERYONE will know exactly who you are. (In light of the debates, you could also go as Fired Big Bird.)

"This is the song that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends!" If you dress up as Shari Lewis, you have license to annoy your fellow party-goers all night long -- via an adorable puppet. Who doesn't love "Lamb Chop"?

Put a new twist on an old classic. After watching this video, we realized that this would be a REALLY fun Halloween costume. Just don't forget your thick-rimmed glasses.

This suggestion comes courtesy of BUST magazine. To dress up as Anne-Marie Slaughter's cover story photo, all you need is your office garb, a briefcase and a baby doll. Fairly brilliant.

One of this year's most viral Tumblr accounts, "Rich Kids of Instagram" are the people you love to hate. Just grab a bottle of champagne, some gaudy jewelry and wear a cheap gold frame around your neck all night.

Buy a fluffy white dress from Value Village, put on your favorite pair of sneakers and flee away from potential husbands all night long. Bonus: Your feet will be SO comfortable.

After Mitt Romney made his now-famous "binders full of women" comment during the second presidential debate, it became clear that this was going to be the Halloween costume hit of the year. There are so many creative possibilities. Make a binder dress! Tape Lisa Frank memorabilia all over your body! Do a congo line of ladies around the city and have one person be the front of the binder and one person be the back! The options are endless...


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