Baby Doll Dresses for Women

The Babydoll Dress (Mod, Grunge, and More)
GDK0056 modest V neck plain baby doll dresses for women-in I'm going through a total babydoll dress lust thing right now. It's sort of a '60s/'90s inspiration mash-up. As you know, I've been totally into making mod mini dresses at the moment. So I'm raiding Etsy for every cute mod dress in a size 36, including a couple babydoll inspired numbers.
Coincidentally, I'm also taking a "rock band bootcamp" at the Beacon Music Factory. It's me and 3 other ladies getting together to play women's rock music--culminating in an actual gig! (Guys, I'm learning the bass. It's the coolest thing ever.) So I've been listening to a lot of my old riot grrl favorites like Hole.

You may not know this, but I am enamored of 90s grunge fashion. I graduated high school in '97, so it still signifies the ultimate counterculture to me. Courtney Love of Hole popularized a look that became known as "kinderwhore"--which combined 60s-style babydoll dresses with trashy-fabulous details like ripped fishnets and smeared lipstick.

Some of her dresses were straight from the 60s, but with a postmodern take.
Which explains why there's some style crossover between 60s and 90s sewing patterns.
I know some people find any sort of juvenile fashion on women to be disturbing. Well, the look in the 90s was meant to be somewhat disturbing. It was a very specific time and place, fashion-wise and music-wise, when women created their own style. For that reason, it's hard for me to call the look regressive in any way. It was transgressive, and made a huge statement. Was it sexy? Repulsive? Both?

Yves St. Laurent is bringing the look back for fall 2013. Plaid babydoll with rhinestones and bows, fishnets, and motorcycle boots? YES.

What do you think of the style?

P.S. I've gotten some new fabrics in the shop! I'll also be doing a Twitter conversation called Fabric Chat from 4-5 EST tomorrow, the 12th. Search hashtag #fabricchat. To celebrate, I'm giving 10% off in the shop through Monday. Use coupon code FABRICCHAT.


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Mine had darts

2013-07-05 23:04:39 by Ellen_Back

So i did show i had a waistline. Baby doll dresses, however, are gathered under the breast. I've never seen a shapely woman whose figure was flattered by them. I can see wearing something like that if you're preggers but otherwise...
Speaking of which, it seems that dresses and tops that make u look pregnant are still in style. I tell ya, if you want to find a dress that doesn't make u look pregnant, u have to shop in the maternity section. Go figure.
Women's "fashions" are ridiculous. Heels that break your ankles and cause skeleto-muscular problems, ass floss for underwear, and clothes that make you look like you are enceinte, butch, or a street walker, made of fabric that doesn't breathe, and is mercilessly unforgiving.

KAMALIKULTURE KAMALIKULTURE Women's Sleeveless Baby Doll Dress, Solid Black, X-Small
  • Double lined top that blouses over at the hips is great at covering up any trouble spots
  • Tighter fitting, banded bottom skirt highlights a toned lower body
O'Neill O'Neill Juniors Seabreeze, Burnt Sien, Large
Apparel (O'Neill)
  • Scalloped crochet trim at sleeve and hem
  • Encased elastic at waist
ELLAZHU Vintage 3/4 Sleeve Length Baby Doll Button Detai Dress VESTITO With Zipper (Size S)
Apparel ()
  • 100% BRAND NEW!
  • Material: Elastic Cotton
  • Size S: Sleeve 38cm (15inches)/Bust 72cm (28.3inches)/Waist 66cm (26inches)/Length 81cm (31.9inches)
  • Size M: Sleeve 40cm (15.7inches)/Bust 76cm (29.9inches)/Waist 70cm (27.6inches)/Length 84cm (33inches)
  • Size L: Sleeve 42cm (16.5inches)/Bust 80cm (31.5inches)/Waist 74cm (29.1inches)/Length 87cm (34.3inches)
Disney Princess Disney Princess Brave Merida Royal Dress
Apparel (Disney Princess)
  • Velour and Satin Intermingled with Glitter Tulle
  • Detailed with Gold Trims and Elaborate Gold Glitter Pattern
  • Fits sizes 4-6X
  • Ages 3 and up

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