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5 Gift Ideas for the New Big Brother or New Big Sister

Great ideas!!! It's a list of 5 meaningful gift ideas for the new big brother or sister!!! Cute ideas of what to give them when their new baby sister/brother is born!!! LOVE 3It is such a sweet tradition to get the new big brother or new big sister a present on the day that their baby sibling is born! I’ve come up with a list of 5 meaningful gifts to give the new big brother or big sis. Each of these are special in their own way,and can help younger children with their transition into bigger siblings!

1. Build a Bear – This is probably my favorite thing that we did for our son when his sister was born! A few weeks before my due date,we went to build-a-bear and made him a little animal. While there,I was able to pre-record my voice in the bear telling my son “I love you”. We put the bear away until his sister was born,and then we gave it to him at the hospital. My MIL says that he pushed the button for about an hour straight when they left the hospital,and it really seemed to help comfort him since he couldn’t be with mommy. A simple present,but one that he still sleeps with to this day!Present for the new big brother or sisterAnd it only cost $18!

2. Big brother or big sister books – There are a lot of great books out there about the transition to “big brother” or “big sister”! Some of my favorites were Hello Baby by Lizzy Rockwell () and I’m a Big Brother book or I’m a Big Sister book by Joanna Cole. My son loved these books,and they really seemed to help him grasp what was going on in his family!

3. Big sister scrubs or Big brother scrubs - These are absolutely adorable! We didn’t do this for our son,but I kind of wish that we had! This is a great idea for any age child,and kids get really excited about having a new outfit to wear for the baby,and dressing up like the Dr.

4. Baby Doll – This can be a really useful gift idea,especially for boys! Giving the child a new baby doll to care for,can help them adjust to the new baby in the home. It is a great tool for when mommy is caring for the new baby and big brother or big sister is wanting attention! Mommy can offer that they go get their new doll and care for the doll in the same way that mommy is caring for baby.Great idea!!! Buy your son a baby doll to prepare him to be a big brother!Feed the baby and doll together or even have them share a bath time! Activities like this that involve the new big sibling in caring for the baby,can really help make the transition easier for the older child! Buying a doll before the new baby is born can also help with teaching a younger child how to interact with a new baby,practicing words like “soft” and “gentle”. Click the image below to read about our experience giving Little Man a doll before his baby sister was born.

5. Scrapbook – This is especially great for older children! Create a scrapbook of their birthday,and life. Add in a few pages that talk about the transition when the new baby comes. These pages could include photos of whomever will be staying with the child while mama is in the hospital,and pictures of the baby’s nursery. Then,make a couple blank pages,and explain to the child that those pages will be filled in with photos when the new baby arrives! Take special pictures of the new big brother or new big sister with the baby and make a big deal about completing the scrapbook after the pictures are printed. This can also be a perfect opportunity to spend a little bit of one-on-one time with the older child after the baby is born!


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Speaking as a big sister,

2009-07-28 05:33:49 by tmstp6207

I loved having a younger sibling.. At least until he started talking and started getting into my stuff.. But, we're 7 years apart. I may have been able to tolerate him more if we were closer in age. At her age, she will love being able to help mommy take care of the baby. If she's not used to being around babies, try practicing with a doll. Teach her that this is the way that you _____ for baby, etc. Get her a "I'm the big sister" shirt too :)

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