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Avoid failing to find a fun activity. Doll bike seats are a wonderful choice to indulge yourself with some favorite classic toys from your childhood. They are fun and memorable as well. Novelty collectors and gift givers acknowledge the playability and excitement of these doll bike seats. Choose the suitable age level from the various listed items to meet your needs. Decide from a diversity of desirable brand names such as Toys R Us. Save some big bucks by considering new and slightly used doll bike seats. Moreover, doll bike seats are being offered by top-rated sellers on eBay, therefore you can shop with self-assurance. Thanks to free shipping in some of these listings, don't put it off. Name your price for doll bike seats in the eBay listings and put an end to endlessly searching for just the right gift for a young person.


Giant Steps Toys Doll Bicycle Seat - "Ride Along Dolly" Bike Seat with Decorate Yourself Decals (Fits 18" American Girl and Standard Sized Dolls and Stuffed Animals)
Toy (Giant Steps Toys)
  • * Safe way for girls to transport their favorite dolls and stuffed animals
  • * Easily attaches to the seat post of your bike with idiot-proof instructions - with or without hand brakes
  • * What a great way to bring your favorite doll on a ride
  • * Girl Themed Decals and design make a special gift for your loved one
  • * Fits all standard dolls and stuffed animals 18" - 22" and dolls less than 3lbs

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Oh, poor baby!!! He

2010-03-28 17:48:05 by Naomi10

Says, "Da*n, what do I need pajamas for with all this fur?"
My little brother used to try to catch my kitties (and all my pets, in fact) and make them wear doll clothes. Funny -- he also used to cry because none of my pets "liked him"!!!! He was always like a bull in a china closet.
Now he's an alcoholic bull(y) that abuses women. Bless his heart. I have not had to be around him in nearly 10 years. Thank you, Lord.

Dolly come Ride with Me Dolly Come Ride with Me Seat
Baby Product (Dolly come Ride with Me)
  • Easy attachment to seat post of bike ( with bigger bikes seat post may need to be raised for safe clearance over back tire)
  • Adjustable Velcro straps to hold doll or stuffed animal snugly in place
  • Doll seat holds most dolls or stuffed animals 18" - 22" in length and dolls less than 3 lbs.
  • Reflector tape placed on rear of seat to increase visibility

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