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Babydoll Sheep for Sale Hampshire Sheep for Sale Southdown Sheep for Sale Thank You to Our Customers!

2003 Award Winner

We have added Registered Miniature Babydoll Southdowns to our breeding program. Actually the project is blamed on the grandkids,but Gramma and Grandpa are having a ball with the Babydolls. We purchased our first Babydoll breeding stock in 2006 and started showing them at fairs right away. The Black Babydolls can be shown in the Natural Colored Wool classes and we do have a Babydoll class at the South Dakota State Fair.Babydoll Lamb

We currently have 45 Babydoll brood ewes with diverse bloodlines. Genetic resistance to the disease of Scrapie is very important to us and we have done DNA testing at Codon 171 on all our breeding stock. Our Black Babydoll Stud Rams test "RR" at codon 171 so every lamb we sell will have at least one "R" for genetic resistance.

Black and white Babydoll ewe lambs available this summer plus several black yearling ewes. We can add a ram and create a starter flock. We have a group of adorable companion wether lambs looking for a new home.

Fall born (Oct) lambs are ready at Christmas time. Plan to reserve your lambs for the spring of 2013.

Bill & Jody Fuller
Home: (605)532-5152
Cell: (605)881-9649
17557 434th Avenue
Clark,SD 57225


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Reborn Baby Clothes For Sale!! Cheap
Reborn Baby Clothes For Sale!! Cheap!!!

I think you're overthinking it.

2009-04-07 17:13:59 by --

Little girls play house and play mommy to dolls, but that doesn't mean they'll be promiscuous or get pregnant at 3 or 10 or 16.
And little kids always play 'power games' at his age, and 'pretend shoot' even if they have no exposure to guns or movies.
And just like no little girl mistakes a doll for a real baby, little boys don't mistake water pistols for real guns.

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