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DOLL WASHING, Bath time for baby

PLEASE NOTE: This is not an activity for girls only. When providing activities for children under school age,gender based activities are not an important factor as preschoolers,toddlers and babies don't care what they are doing as long as they are having fun.

This is fun to do with your kids or use it as an activity for them on their own. Boys and Girls will love washing a baby.

I set this up for my toddler while I wash the dishes or while I'm preparing dinner. Great to keep them entertained while you need to get those essential jobs done around the home. I put a little water in the baby bath with a squirt of detergent for bubbles - its so much fun for them.

Kids love bathing their baby and imitating being the parent. In kindergartens and childcare I have provided this activity dozens of times and both boys and girls love washing a baby when they are young.
Role playing is such an important part of a child's development as it helps them to express themselves and understand the world around them by having a hands on approach to learning.

Doll washing is also a great sensory activity. Being able to feel the water on their hands is quite relaxing for a lot of children.

All you need is:
- dolls bath,any plastic container that will fit the doll
- mini soap
- wash cloth (flannel/face washer)
- little towel (tea towels are a perfect size)
- your water proof plastic doll

#IMPORTANT: Remember this is still a water activity and children can be in danger in even the smallest amount of water. So make sure they are in your eye sight the entire time there is water provided.


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For mine children, 6 and 11, I have gotten

2007-12-26 08:19:23 by the-older-one-too

Start at one corner of the room and work his way along the perimiter, he usually gets it that way.
For the littler one, and sometimes the bigger one, I have her pick up one type of item at a time and then she checks in with me. So I will say, please pick up your play food. Then she comes to get me, I check and then will say, pick up all your baby dolls.
I think for children if the room is quite messy, they, like us, have no idea where to start and it is overwhelming. I try to break it down for them.

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