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AliciaBirchTip 1. Safety. The first and foremost piece of advice I can give is to keep the baby safe at all times. Always have a spotter. If you don’t have an assistant then use Mum or Dad for this very important job. Your spotter must be within arms reach of the baby and is there to pay attention to and concentrate wholly and solely on the baby.Alicia Birch Image 1 SPU Blog I would much rather take another photo or edit out my spotters hand than have a baby at risk. Sometimes the addition of Mum or Dad’s hand in the shot can make for a gorgeous image itself.

Tip 2. Patience. Give your baby plenty of time.Alicia Birch Image 2 SPU Blog While some babies will sleep through just about anything, the majority need time to settle off into that nice deep sleep. Having them in that lovely sleep makes them easier to pose…so when you think they are ready – rock them for another couple of minutes. Same when you are posing their little hands, arms, feet and legs – gently hold them in the position and stay there for a minute or so until they relax into the pose, then gently remove your hands to prevent them startling.Alicia Birch Image 3 SPU Blog It’s amazing how well they will hold a pose when you have given them that extra time.

Tip 3. The Ken and Barbie Principle. At all times make sure you protect babies modesty. I can’t think of anything more embarrassing than for the baby to grow up seeing a wall portrait of themselves with their privates on display. Think Ken and Barbie dolls on this one – babies should be completely gender neutral. Pose them so that their legs and feet keep everything covered and if that is not possible, drape a wrap or rearrange the posing blanket to cover up.

Tip 4. Keep it Simple. There are lots of poses out there and some of the most popular that we see these days are in fact composites of two images. If you are just starting out and learning how to pose newborns, there is nothing wrong with keeping your poses simple. Babies are beautiful, you don’t have to attempt the latest and greatest pose when you are finding your way. As you become more comfortable and confident with your posing, you can start to introduce poses that are more challenging to accomplish.

Tip 5. Keep Them Compact. 9 times out of 10 a nicely curled up little bundle of baby is more attractive than if they are posed long and strung out. Besides they are usually very happy when they are cuddled up.

Tip 6. Show Their Face. Babies are so little it doesn’t take much to obscure their tiny faces – they can easily slightly sink a bit into the poser or the blanket, or their little hand or arm can get in the way. I like to put their hand or arm up under their cheek to lift the face and will also use positioners and padding under the posing blanket to keep their face clear of obstructions.


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You can get one of those baby dolls that

2008-10-07 07:54:33 by sedwards31707

Crawls and cries so your dog can get used to the noise. Just remember to NEVER leave any animal alone with an infant for even a second. There have been several stories recently about dogs accidentally killing infants trying to play with them. Make sure your dog gets a little more attention, and treat him when he leaves the baby doll alone or sniffs and walks away. Do the same after you have the baby. Make sure he knows the baby represents positive things.

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