Baby Dolls for Toddlers

Dolls for Every Age and Stage

mon premier bébé calinCorolle knows that dolls are important to children at each stage of their development and designs its dolls for the ways they play.

The importance of doll play

Corolle knows that a doll is much more than a toy; it is a cherished part of a child’s growing up,a link between the child and the world of adults. Doll play encourages children to explore different roles through caring for and sharing hopes,dreams and experiences with an always-understanding friend and playmate.

In fact,dolls are important to children at each stage of their development:

0–18 months +: As Baby begins to investigate her new world of shapes and textures and develops essential skills,she needs a snuggly security companion.

18 months +: As Baby transitions to the toddler years,she begins to imitate her parents and takes care of her “baby” the way her parents take care of her.

2/3 years +: Little girls at this age begin to act out many real-life situations with their dolls: They may become big sister,mother or babysitter. Baby dolls encourage nurturing play and inspire memories young girls will cherish forever.

4 years +: Girls begin to project themselves into their world and start to develop and value friendships. In turn,they are looking for best friend and confidant dolls.

The right doll for the right age

Based on its many years of experience and working in close collaboration with child development experts,Corolle offers dolls for every age and stage in a young child’s life:

Babi Corolle (From birth +): First Soft Body Doll

Babicorolle soft-body dolls are the perfect first dolls for ages birth and up. Super-soft and feather-light,Corolle snugglies delight Baby and encourage emerging senses with enchanting combinations of textures,colors and sounds. A plus for parents: Everything in the Babicorolle collection is machine washable.

Mon Premier Corolle (From 18 months +): My First Baby Dolls 12” for the littlest mommies
The world of Mon Premier includes a complete assortment of baby dolls,clothing and accessories -- all specially designed for and adapted to the size and play patterns of the littlest mommies ages 18 months and up. The baby dolls are soft and light,and Velcro closures make the clothing easy to put and take off,something children in this age group love to do!

Mon Classique Corolle (From 2/3 years +): Classic Baby Dolls 14”/17” for big girl mommies
Little girls ages 2/3 years and up will love and love to care for and nurture Les Classiques baby dolls just like real mommies do. The Les Classiques collection includes a complete assortment of larger baby dolls,clothing and nursery accessories,too --- all designed for the size and skill levels of big girl mommies. With a variety of sizes and features offered – some have hair that can be brushed and styled,others coo and giggle or drink and go potty – every little girl can choose the baby doll that is just right for her.

mon premier bébé calin mon premier bébé calin mon premier bébé calin


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When do toddlers realize that baby dolls and

2007-01-12 11:27:06 by stuffedanimals

Are not real
dd is 2 and feeds her dolls and stuffed animals at dinner
they have to be buckled in the carseat.
she would prefer for them to be covered at night then her.
her bed is so full of dolls nad such there is hardly any room for her
we have tried to take them out of her bed and it is this huge fight
anybody's dd do this??
it is really cute but almost overboard.
when do they realize that it is just a doll and will survive without real food and all

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