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Simulaids - Ready-or-Not Tot Baby Simulators

Standard Ready-or-Not Tot

Why NASCOs Ready-or-Not Tots are the best:

Offers three different tending programs typical of most babies, to simulate normal baby-tending needs along with fussy periods in each program.

Provides programmed tending events that are unpredictable to the student, but easy for the teacher to monitor, unlike other simulators.

Cries, coos, and burps in response to appropriate care. Programs are 48 hours in length and run continuously.

Ready-or-Not Tot Baby Simulators
A range of parenting simulation manikins to fit every need and budget. The original manikin that simulates a babys varying needs! Take the glamour out of teen pregnancy and demonstrate the realities of the real world to your students. Newborn-size dolls represents a baby of a teen mom 5 lbs. 8 oz., 20" long. NASCOs Ready-or-Not Tots provide the most for your money. They require the student/parent to give multiple types of care with easy recording for the student and quick evaluation and grading for the teacher. You will never have to worry if students neglected the manikin. Ready-or-Not Tot uses set programs so the teacher always knows when the manikin requires care. Student response to the manikins needs are easily checked using the template provided.

A range of parenting simulation manikins to fit every need and budget!

Used to Teach Many Parenting Concepts:

How do you quiet and comfort a real baby?

How should a baby be held, diapered, fed, burped, and more?

Babies needs can be costly.

What does it take to be a good parent?

Babies cry for many reasons; they require constant care and attention.

A baby means lifestyle changes, which can cause loneliness, isolation, and loss of friends.

Day care and babysitting are a normal part of parenting, but not always available or affordable.

Includes a demo option.

Demands students attention for periods of 5 minutes to 30 minutes for each tending occurrence. There are 25-27 tending occurrences within each 48-hour time frame (for a total of 7 hours of care).

Provides teacher with complete control of the child care experience.

Includes a panic key for quieting difficulties without discontinuing the entire simulation.

Alerts teacher to a students abuse, panic, or tampering with the control box.

Anatomically correct in four ethnicities.

Comes complete with one set of student keys, one set of teacher keys, reproducible parental consent form/permission slip, reproducible student response sheet, teacher correction template, diaper, 9V battery, and instructions. Sh. wt. 9 lbs.

Each - $305.00; 5 or more, each - $289.75.25; 10 or more, each - $274.50

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Reborn babies for sale

2009-05-06 20:29:20 by Sweet_reborns

I am selling reborn baby dolls that I need to sell asap-Really need the money for my daughters 4th birthday! $80 each or take all of them for a good price! Remember they sell for $300. Very lifelike-handpainted and handrooted hair...They look and feel like real babies!
email me for pictures at
Thank you!

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