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Practice with computerized babies encourages teens to put off parenting
Silicone Reborn Dolls For Sale ,For Sale,Prices,Manufacturers Practice with computerized
babies encourages teens
to put off parenting

Having a baby can change teens’ lives in ways they never imagined, from sleeping less to staying home more. Experiencing those changes first hand is a real incentive for convincing teens that putting off parenthood is a good idea.

That’s the philosophy behind “Baby, Think It Over, ” an award-winning program conducted by North Carolina Cooperative Extension centers in Cumberland, Richmond and Scotland counties.

Last year, more than 500 Cumberland high school students, mostly in parenting and child development classes, participated in the program. The students take responsibility for a computerized baby doll that cries like a real baby, and in the process they learn how much work is involved in parenting.

“We give a post-evaluation and ask students if they have changed their minds about being teen parents, ” said Candy Underwood, Cumberland family and consumer education (FCE) agent in charge of the program. “Eighty-five percent say they don’t want kids right now.”

Participants have attached to their arm a key that they can insert in the doll’s back to calm it when it cries. Crying spells can last anywhere from five to 30 minutes. When the dolls are returned, the internal computer records how well students responded to their doll’s needs.

Through a grant, Cumberland County’s Cooperative Extension center purchased more than 60 dolls used in the program. The equipment for each student participant, including doll, diaper bag, carrier and accessories, is valued at about $450.

Before the experience begins, program assistant Taffi Conway explains all the equipment and how the program works. Students must fill out a diary of the days spent caring for their “baby” and a budget projecting baby expenses for the first three months of life. The program’s goal of teen pregnancy prevention is rarely mentioned, but it comes through loud and clear.

Cumberland County’s program has been so successful that it was recognized last year by the state and National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences with the Florence Hall Award for programming on the state, regional and national levels.


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