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Unliving dolls: Women collect fake babies - today > news
The fake babies craze: Meet the women devoting themselves to

They’re called “reborns”: incredibly lifelike baby dolls that sell for up to $4, 000 to adult women who collect them, change their clothes, and in some ways treat them like real babies.

“It fills a spot in your heart, ” Lynn Katsaris told TODAY’s Matt Lauer Wednesday in New York as she cuddled “Benjamin” and “Michael” in her arms. A realtor from suburban Phoenix, Katsaris is also an artist who has created 1, 052 reborn dolls and sold them to women around the world. She was one of three grown women visiting the show with five of the the bogus — but eerily realistic — babies cradled tenderly in their arms.

Dolls have been around for thousands of years, but the so-called reborn dolls, which are hand-painted and provided with hair whose strands are individually rooted in their vinyl heads, date back to the early 1990s. Since they first were created in the United States, they have become increasingly popular around the world, selling on dedicated Web sites and on eBay for $500 to $4, 000, and even higher.

A documentary on the phenomenon called “My Fake Baby” airs tonight on BBC America.

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Cuddly ... or creepy?
Some people find the lifelike dolls downright creepy. But collectors, some of whom treat the dolls as real children, feel there’s nothing unusual about their passionate hobby.

Monica Walsh, a 41-year-old wife and mother of a 2-year-old daughter from Orange County, N.Y., has one doll – “Hayden.” And, yes, she told Lauer, she plays with her doll “the same way a man might make a big train station and play with his train station or play with his sports car, his boat or his motorcycle.”

Fran Sullivan, 62, lives in Florida and has never had children. She brought two reborns to New York, “Robin” and “Nicholas, ” and said she has a collection of more than 600 dolls of all kinds, including a number of reborn dolls.

Sullivan told Lauer she rotates her dolls, choosing a new one to care for each day depending on how she feels. She talks to them as she would to an infant, but said it’s really not all that strange.

“I have a 2-year-old daughter. I don’t feel that way at all that it replaces her. It’s completely different having a real baby, ” Walsh explained. “But I think she’s going to love the fact that I play with dolls. How much fun is it going to be for her?”

Source: www.today.com

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Disappointed.. :o(

2008-09-11 08:04:08 by cheramello

So I wish I never read that post about the placental placement survey. :o( I wanted the gender to be a suprise
and DH wanted to know but agreed that since I didn't want to know he also would wait until the birth. (There is
no way he would have been able to keep that secret!) So it looks like we're having a girl, I really wanted a boy.
I know this sounds so selfish and probably crazy but really I didn't want a girl first. I wanted a "big brother" and just never pictured me with a girl first. I'm not into Disney princess costumes, and tiaras, and glitter all over the place and that fake perfume crap that comes with those dolls

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