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Searching for the perfect baby doll? If you have a little girl on your Christmas or birthday list, you’ll be bombarded with toys for girls. Girls toys run the gamut, from games to fashion dolls to tea sets. Of course, in today’s society, little girls play with practically everything little boys play with. There are, however, a few toys that girls seem drawn to, and one such toy is the baby doll. Just about every little girl loves baby dolls! Some of the best toy baby dolls available are interactive baby dolls.

What are Interactive Baby Dolls?

Interactive baby dolls are very life like dolls. These realistic dolls do all sorts of things, just like a real baby would do. Some laugh, some eat and drink, and some wave. Most of the realistic dolls talk or cry, too. Some even poop and pee! Now that’s a life like doll! My granddaughter has a life like baby doll that can actually swim. Lexi sometimes puts it in the pool with us, and the baby doll “swims” all around the pool, delighting the kids swimming with us.

Why a Realistic Baby Doll?

One reason to buy realistic dolls other than other types of dolls is that kids love them! Why do kids love realistic dolls so much? Think back to when you were a kid. Weren’t interactive toys a lot more fun? There’s only so much you can do with baby dolls or other types of dolls that just sit there or lie there. Sure, these baby dolls are snuggly and cute, but they’re not much like a real baby. And most little girls want a toy baby doll so that they can play “mommy.”

Life like dolls give children an excellent opportunity for role playing. They can assume the role of mommy, big sister, or a baby sitter. The lifelike dolls really stimulate the imagination and can help increase creativity in young children.

Another advantage of lifelike dolls is that they’re a great teaching toy. An interactive baby doll helps instill a sense of responsibility in young children. Lifelike dolls also give kids a chance to practice nurturing. Many psychologists believe that playing with a toy baby doll is one reason girls usually grow up to be more nurturing than do little boys. I don’t know if that’s true – I’m not a psychologist. I am a retired teacher, however, and I do know that interactive baby dolls can be used as teaching tools.


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I feel really sorry for your children

2003-01-15 10:49:05 by LifeIsWhatYouMakeOfIt

Sure children are a burden & a constant strain if that's how YOU perceive it. You either choose to enjoy your life & appreciate it for what it is now or you do what you're doing & cause your children a great deal of emotional trauma.
I feel really bad for them b/c I know what it's like to grow up with a Mom that feels like you're a burden & a strain. I've spent years in therapy & still haven't quite gotten over the hurt & betrayal. I have 2 of my own children now that mean the world to me. I chose to have them & I did so knowing full well that it wouldn't be easy but well worth it. What did you think it would be like? Did you think they would be like baby-dolls & not make any noise or cost any money b/c after all, baby dolls don't eat nor do they ever grow so they don't need clothes

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