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All porcelain BYE LO BABY by Grace S. Putnam
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I have been shopping for Bye Lo all bisque baby dolls made by Grace Story Putnam in the 1920s. I wanted to know more about her and her babies. I am not an expert, but it seemed like a lot of people were making up things about these dolls. I researched them to present the facts. I just love dolls and have for a long time.


Grace Storey Putnam wanted to make a baby doll you could snuggle. There were dolls before that, but not babies. She went to the Salvation Army Hospital near where she lived in California to look at the babies in the nursery. She saw a very pretty little three day old girl who was not swaddled and her legs were spread -- frog style. Grace either sketched her and/or made a wax model of her. She wanted to make a quality doll, so she applied for a patent or copyright and submitted the plans to GERMAN doll makers. She sent the wax model to be used for making the mold.

Ms. Putnam wanted a softer look, so she chose unglazed bisque clay. She designed the arms, torso, and legs of fabric with the legs in the now-famous frog position. The hands and head were bisque. She was seeking perfection and changed doll manufacturing companies in Germany many times! These included Kling & Company; Alt, Beck, & Gottschalck; J.D. Kestner; Hertel & Schwab, as well as others!


Grace also changed the details of the dolls and about 1925 decided to make an all bisque doll in many sizes.


Sizes include: 3, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6 and 8 inches in length made by the several companies.


Some heads are the 'Dome head' with the head and neck attached to the torso. Some are 'socket heads' with the head and neck molded in one piece and set into a hole on the torso. Some of the heads had a hole in the center of the top where babies have a soft spot. It had a pate (wig) that reminds me of a 3 Stooges character.


Some of the earliest dolls were parian, which is really white or creamy untinted pale bisque clay. Then Grace decided to add a flesh-colored tint to the clay to make pinker babies. After that some blush was added to make rosy cheeks, knees, and sometimes the back of the hands. Details were all hand painted on by artisans.


Source: www.ebay.com

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Speaking as a father who has given up

2008-07-21 08:07:36 by tbay2

Everything for family and kids...
we dads are allowed to have a life as well.
Have you ever noticed the onwership cycle that women go thru...
1) I want a baby
2) WE are pregant
3) Change YOUR daughter
My wife wanted life size dolls, and somehow my life ended so she could live her dream. Yes, being a hsuband and a father is also a 24/7 job, but even husbands are allowed a little enjoyment now and then. Si it selfish to take care of everyone elses needs and then take care of your own with what little is left over? Or are dad's really suppposed to give up on life and happiness for the sake of their families

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