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Sock Rag Doll

This sock rag doll is a great first doll for baby. Learn how to make a doll by using two different socks. You can sew this doll by hand or machine sew. It uses the same concept as the sock monkey but slightly different in the construction. It has a chubby appearance which makes it so lovable.

This doll is quick to make and can be made for both a boy or a girl. Just change up the face and sock for the sleeper. So cute you'll want to make more than one. Play around with the design of the doll. The face is hand embroidered but you can also use non-toxic washable fabric paint. Add some hair using yarn or felt. It's completely up to you but keep in mind safety first when making your baby's first doll.

Note: Use ¼ inch seam allowances. Finished project will vary in size depending on socks used. Adult size socks are recommended.

To create this sock rag doll, you will need the following:


Adult Size Nude or Light Colored Socks (preferably tube socks)
Adult Size Pattern Socks
Embroidery Floss (Pink, Brown or Black)
Sewing Machine (Optional)
Matching sewing thread
Cotton Crochet Thread Size 5 (Beige or Ivory)
Basic Sewing Supplies
Long Needle
Marking Pen
Polyester Fiberfill


Step 1: To begin making your sock rag doll, cut the nude or light colored sock as indicated using the PDF instructions here.

Step 2: Sew the pieces using an ¼ seam allowance. Remember to leave the top of the body open and the sides of the arms to allow for stuffing later on. Turn the pieces so right sides are visible. (See Photo A.)

Step 3: Stuff the legs and body up to where the neck will be for the doll. Using a running stitch, gather the neck, pull tight and secure. (See Photos B and C.)

Step 4: Stuff the head to desired firmness. Gather and stitch close. (See Photos D and E.)

Step 5: Stuff the arms and sew the openings closed. Your doll should now look like this. (See Photo F.)

Step 6: Grab the doll body and mark two points where the dolls arms will be attached on both sides about ½ inch apart. (See Photo G.) Mark the arms as well making certain that the seams are facing back and that the left and right arms are opposite each other.

Step 7: Cut 24 inch length of cotton crochet thread or quadruple sewing thread to same length. Thread long needle. Beginning on left side of body, insert needle into the second bottom mark and push through to other side where marked leaving a long end of thread trailing about 7 inches. Grab right arm with the seam facing back and insert needle starting from the bottom mark exiting out the top mark. Insert needle through the top mark on the right side of the body and push through to the left side. Do the same for the left arm as you did for the right but start with the top mark exiting out the bottom. (See Photo H.)

Step 8: Remove needle and grab both ends of thread, pull arms close to body and tie a knot twice to secure. Cut threads being careful not to cut too close to the knots. (See Photo I.)

Step 9: To make legs, thread a regular sewing needle and gather legs same as neck, pull tight and secure. (See Photo J.) This is what the completed doll looks like. (See Photo K.)

Step 10: Your doll needs a face. Here is a template for two kinds of faces. After choosing a face, draw the face on the head using a marking pen. Using the backstitch beginning with the left eye, embroider the eyes using brown or black thread. Also embroider the mouth with pink thread.

Source: www.create-baby-stuff.com

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Try clothdollconnection.com

2008-03-24 21:46:32 by tryingtobehelpful

Once at clothdollconnection scroll down the links to the one with Free Patterns and look around.
It would help if we knew a little more details about what you are looking for and what you like or don't like, how skilled you are, how detailed you want the doll to be, etc.
None of this is meant to offend. There are just so many choices and we don't know which pattern you have or what it looks like. A picture would help.
What type of doll shape are you looking for? Baby doll? Cabbage Patch? American Girl? Bitty Baby?
The 16" and 20" on your pattern might be Cabbage Patch or regular Baby doll sizes

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