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The demand for Lifelike baby dolls
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Many women choose to collect these dolls simply because they are dolls. Just like any other collection, they want the best quality and best looking dolls they can get. These babies are so realistic that they make a great collection.

Other women look to these living dolls as a form of comfort for a child they have lost or even for the child they can never have. They have the intense emotional need to form, and they do so with these Lifelike baby Dolls.

What makes these Reborns so popular?

Anytime there is a demand for something and a product that creates value for them, people will buy it. Many women want to have a baby. Some of them are not physically able. Some of them have children that are already grown and out of the house. Maybe they do not want to go through the reality of caring for a newborn again or maybe they are too old to have more children.

Whatever the reason behind it, people have grown to love Reborns! The growing popularity of these dolls is inspiring more and more artist to create them. Many stores will not carry the dolls because they are so real, so most women have to turn to the internet to find them. Manufacturers like Berenguer Dolls sell a wide variety of real life baby dolls to match any customers’ preferences.

Special Features and Other Qualities
The care with which these baby dolls are made is the one of the biggest features that contributes to their popularity. They are usually handmade and hand-painted to give them the realistic touch. These living dolls are carefully crafted from beginning to end.

The process starts with a plain baby mold. Depending on whether the doll is made by Newborning or reborning, it is manufactured slightly differently.

The dolls come in the form of a kit. They are disassembled and come with a few supplies. Other supplies must be purchased separately. Most basic kits come with doll parts, paints, brushes, pellets to give weight, and other necessary items.

In reborning, the doll can be They are generally made onto a cloth body. They are carefully painted and hair is added. Some Reborn artists allow customers to send in pictures for custom reborn dolls.

The hair is very important and usually determines the quality of the doll. Some manufacturers hand sew colored mohair into the dolls head strand by strand. Others use wigs or other means to add hair.


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Teen girls carrying around baby dolls

2007-11-15 16:47:17 by that_cry?_practice?

Ok, i'm at a public library, and there's a teen with a baby doll that's crying, and she's feeding it and holding it, but it's still crying.
i've seen this before, always a teen girl, with these fake realistic babies, and i think they're so they'll know what it's like to have to care for a real baby.
does anyone know more about this? who tells them to do this? and what gets me, i've never seen a teen boy with one, but certainly sometimes they're young parents too in real life
anyone, the doll's still crying after all this, and the girl seems to be doing all she can, but i'm in a library and it's annoying

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