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Soft toys and dolls need to be full of love and warmth, and that's exactly what you'll discover in our soft toys and dolls pages.

Whether you're looking for the perfect teddy bear for a new arrival, or a princess fit for another princess, our soft toys and dolls collection is the best place to look. Whatever kind of soft toy or doll your children enjoy playing with, whether they’re into toy soldiers or fluttering fairies, we’ve got so many soft toys and dolls in these pages that we know you’ll find something truly brilliant that they will treasure throughout their childhood and beyond.

Bring a smile to the faces of the little people in your world, with soft toys and dolls at And if you need to create a new world for your little ones and their soft toys and dolls, make sure that you take a look at our tents, dens and wigwams pages.


Gund Gund Baby M"My First Doll" for Baby's First Toy
Toy (Gund)
  • Bonnet embroidered with flowers
  • Dress Embroiderd "My First Dolly"
  • Lace trimed dress on soft doll

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Cloth Baby Doll
Cloth Baby Doll

Both my boys loved and still like dolls.

2004-11-22 10:51:30 by 2brothers

We had two favorites -
A soft stuffed doll that is good for nighttime snuggling. My mom bought it, I don't know where, the doll has dark brown skin and longish hair. I think it came with clothes, but she has been naked for so long, I don't remember what they looked like.
A hard plastic with soft body smaller doll. You know, the classic baby doll.
We also have a doll stroller. My boys love to take care of their babies. It is such a sweet game that they play, wrapping them in dishtowels and taking them for walks, feeding them, reading them books. Dolls are great for any kid.

Genius Baby Toys Classic So-Soft Baby Doll
Baby Product (Genius Baby Toys)
  • Classic best-seller with incredibly soft body and peek-a-boo satin belly
  • So Soft Dolly measures 11 inches.
  • Surface wash only.
  • Age appropriate birth & up
Kids Preferred Healthy Baby: Asthma and Allergy Friendly Buttercup Doll by Kids Preferred
Toy (Kids Preferred)
  • Certified asthma & allergy friendly
  • Cuddle with Confidence
  • Can be washed frequently to keep allergen levels low
  • Has been rigorously tested and proven to maintain low levels of allergens
  • Measuring 11" tall
Fisher-Price Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Hug 'n Giggle Baby
Toy (Fisher-Price)
  • Perfect sized plush doll for your little one's quiet afternoon nap!
  • Squeeze her tummy and hear baby doll giggle and coo!
  • Ideal for at home play or on the go in a stroller
  • Great way to encourage early role play
  • So soft and machine washable!

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