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Custom Made Soft Fabric Rag Dolls for Girls & Boys by CleoAndPoppy
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Welcome to Cleo & Poppy!
Are you looking for a custom made, one-of-a-kind soft fabric cloth doll for the little girl or boy in your life? Do you like handmade quality and organic/natural fibers like silk, soft wool and pure cotton? Would you like to give a unique and personalized gift to your loved one as a first doll and a keepsake? You've come to the right place!

All of my dolls are handmade to order, with unique and special details that you can choose. You are welcome to explore your own creative self and help me design your own doll, bag or crown. The dolls are made from eco-friendly materials, ideal for young children. Please look around the shop to see if there is a style you like or have your own idea for a personalized doll. Don't hesitate, I welcome any idea of yours for consideration. I also sell adorable messenger bags for kids, great for holding everything from inhalers to crayons, as well as colorful and ornate felt crowns, perfect for birthdays or everyday dress up....Have fun exploring my shop!

>>>Please use the shop sections on the left to navigate the shop.

Everything in my store is designed and hand crafted by me with love and great care, for You!

Please contact me with your questions or comments regarding my products and shop. I welcome your custom requests. If you convo me, I will convo you back. Also, I welcome emails at this address: wiesneree [!at]

I regularly add new items, designs to my are welcome back at time for a surprise!

If you're curious as to why my prices are slightly higher than you might expect, the short answer is that good quality supply materials are slightly pricier. Keeping lots of choices open for you to choose from requires me to stock up lots of materials. Also custom work takes time and is a very involved process. For the amount of time, involvement, and communication I have to ensure that I am being compensated for my time which ensures that you are receiving a high quality work possible.

Thank you!
Cleo & Poppy


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Both my boys loved and still like dolls.

2004-11-22 10:51:30 by 2brothers

We had two favorites -
A soft stuffed doll that is good for nighttime snuggling. My mom bought it, I don't know where, the doll has dark brown skin and longish hair. I think it came with clothes, but she has been naked for so long, I don't remember what they looked like.
A hard plastic with soft body smaller doll. You know, the classic baby doll.
We also have a doll stroller. My boys love to take care of their babies. It is such a sweet game that they play, wrapping them in dishtowels and taking them for walks, feeding them, reading them books. Dolls are great for any kid.

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