Baby Doll Clothes for 15 Inch

Great 15 and 18 inch doll clothes and furniture from Heritage Clothesline
Fits Bitty Baby Doll Clothes 15 Inch Green and by dressurdolly2

Heritage Clothesline is proud to offer unique and affordable doll clothes and furniture. Focusing on the two most popular sizes of dolls, 18 inch girls and 15 inch babies, many cheap but high quality pieces of clothing are offered that span the decades. Discount doll clothes are available for everything from the colonial period up to modern styles. There are also great accessories that make it easy to personalize any doll. The 18 inch clothing fits many popular lines and can be excellent, inexpensive American Girls doll clothes.

The 18 inch doll furniture and clothing from Heritage Clothesline is perfect for the American Girls dolls because they span so many different time periods. Whether you need saddle shoes and a poodle skirt for a cool 1950s sock hopper or a calico dress for a little girl of the prairie, you can find it in the Heritage Clothesline collection. In addition to the historical American Girls doll clothes, there are many unique modern outfits. Girl Scout and soccer uniforms can be used to create a dolly that reflects the interests of the little girl who plays with her every day. The cheap doll clothes from Heritage Clothesline are inexpensive but they are still high quality and durable enough for hours and hours of play.

18 Inch Doll Furniture

The doll clothes and furniture from Heritage Clothesline are made for both 15 and 18 inch dolls. Clothes need to be the right size for the dolly but furniture does not need to be exact. 18 inch doll furniture can easily be used by the smaller baby dolls. Furniture from Heritage Clothesline includes beds, chests and even bike seats. Of course, in addition to the furniture for babies, you will find great baby doll clothes.

Cute Baby Doll Clothes

Babies have always been popular dolls and they always will be because they give little girls an opportunity to emulate their own mothers. Heritage Clothesline carries the cutest baby doll clothes for the popular 15 inch size dolls. There are even twin outfits and a little girl sized baby carrier, just like mommy's, available.


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