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You can use the free Barbie clothes patterns for any doll the size of Barbie. Many of the free Barbie clothes patterns are knitted.

I had written an article on How to Make a Barbie Clothing Quilt for a Twin Bed. You could make several of these clothing pieces to make one of these quilts for a girl with a twin bed. It will be a unique gift for any girl.

You could also use them for trim across valances in a girls room. Make or buy a valance the width of the window or windows in her room. Once you have the valance, you can stitch the Barbie clothes along the bottom.

While these are just a few suggestions for the free Barbie clothes patterns, you could make other types of crafts with them. If you're a Barbie collector adding these clothes to her wardrobe would make a great addition to any collection. You could have both the patterns and the made pieces of Barbie clothes for your collection.

List of Barbie Clothes Patterns

Free Printable Sewing Patterns for Fashion Dolls - Barbie and Tyler Wentworth

There are four printable doll patterns for Barbie prior to 1999. This is more information on the site as to why these clothing patterns are for dolls prior 1999.

To gain access to the patterns, click on the links to the doll patterns. Once on the site for the pattern, there will be a PDF, pattern with instructions, and possibly pictures to help you with making the clothes. It will depend on the pattern and the person who has it posted on their website.

Free Barbie Clothes Patterns

The Barbie clothes patterns are listed under Barbie doll clothes pattern templates. Most of these patterns are crocheted or knitted. The links to the patterns are listed above each of the descriptions.

Barbie Patterns for Knitting a Doll's Wardrobe

There are four knitted Barbie style doll clothes patterns. The second link from the left on the top row has four Barbie clothes patterns. There is a pattern for Barbie socks on the second link mentioned previously.

Free Barbie Sewing Patterns

There are three Barbie dress patterns on this website. The barbie patterns will open in a PDF. The pattern pieces are all on one sheet. You will need to print enough patterns for each of the pieces on the page or trace them onto another sheet of paper.


David & Charles The Doll's Dressmaker: The Complete Pattern Book
Book (David & Charles)

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Carpatina Dolls Pattern for Hanfu & Kimono - fits 18" American Girl Dolls
Toy (Carpatina Dolls)
  • Pattern for 18" Doll Clothes
  • Two patterns in One. All components come in two popular 18" Dolls Sizes: ~ for American Girl Dolls and ~ for the slim Carpatina Dolls
  • Professionally made paper pattern including photos and instructions for making the dresses pictured.

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