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IHeart Organizing: Reader Space: Dolled Up Storage
Baby Doll Boutique, Newfields NH 03856 You all impress me all of the time. That's why I couldn't wait to share today's idea. It was something I have never seen before and probably something that I never would have thought of myself. It is so creative!

And although this specific space is tailored for little ladies, I can imagine it will spark all sorts of creative ways to store crafts and fabrics or toys for boys.

Fiona wrote:

Hi Jen,

I have an organising solution that your followers maybe interested in. Although we live In Australia, my two daughters are in love with their American Girl dolls and all the accessories that come with them. My only problem was how to contain their clothes, their shoes and bits and pieces where they would be accessible for playing with but not all stored on the floor making it impossible to vacuum. The solution was to turn an Ikea Expedit bookshelf into an American Girl display. We have created cubbies for the clothes to hang in simply by attaching curtain rods. Adding drawers to one the cubbies to store shoes and then having all the lovely accessories shown off in their own little cubbies. My daughter loves it and takes pride in keeping it neat and tidy. Best all all the dog can no longer reach those cute little shoes! We even used the American Girl boxes as wallpaper in the back of the shelves to add a little colour and also it was the only way my daughters would agree to letting me throw out the boxes that were accumulating.

Regards Fiona

Ready to see how Fiona scored 7, 659 organizing points?
Awww, could this project be any sweeter? What little gal wouldn't be beyond smitten with a setup like this? I get asked about storing doll clothes all the time and due to "lack of experience in the girl department", I can only offer up fairly generic solutions. This my friends, is beyond creative. And if you don't want to invest in an entire Expedit, Closetmaid makes smaller cube options that could function similarly! So SMART!

Thank you Fiona for reminding us to get creative with our storage solutions! Also, thank you for reminding us how an Expedit is one of the most powerful organizing furniture pieces in existence.

Totally adorable right? Those shoes? Oh my. Who else is in love with an Expedit and why? What other doll storage solutions do you have for mommies that are swimming in doll stuff?

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Sophia's Doll Hairbrush in Pink, For 18 Inch Dolls like American Girl Dolls & Bitty Baby, Doll Wig Hair Brush Doll Accessories
Toy (Sophia's)
  • Doll Wig Brush in Fun Bright Sparkle Pink Color
  • Doll Hair Care Accessory Keeps Your Doll Investment in Good Condition
  • Perfect for American Girl Dolls and other 18 inch dolls
  • The handle is just the right size for the girl's hand and just the right size for dolly's hair.
  • Sparkles, Sturdy and Keeps Dolls Hair Tidy

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My Baby Item Storage!

You treat child like YOUR possession to be put

2009-08-23 09:13:43 by -

In STORAGE like some doll until you FEEL like parenting.
The child needs a PARENT NOW, not at some future maybe/maybe not date.
"Guardianship" means the child is waiting in limbo. You suggest it with NO plan for actual care AND NO CONSIDERATION FOR THE NEEDS OF THE CHILD-- onl;y your own selfish wants.
And, yes, if all I am is your "care giver" I do deserve some financial consideration. Why would you seek to avoid it? After all, if you KEPT your child you'd have to pay for food, diapers, toys, clothes, etc. Why should I pay thousands for someone else's baby? DO YOU?

J.I.P. J.I.P Suitcase Storage Set (Set of 3), Candy Girls
Baby Product (J.I.P.)
  • Set of 3 nesting suitcases
  • Metal clasps and handles
  • Brightly colored doll, rainbow and hearts pattern
  • Great for storage and play
  • Measure 8", 10" and 12"
Badger Basket Badger Basket Doll Travel Case With Bed And Bedding - Dark Pink
Toy (Badger Basket)
  • Soft sided cases includes a travel bed with pillow and blanket
  • For all dolls up to 18 inches such as American Girl, Madame Alexander, and Our Generation
  • Sturdy, resin zipper with dual pulls

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