Baby Doll Clothes to Make

Baby Clothes to Doll Clothes -- TUTORIAL

My sister has four daughters, and when my daughter was born I inherited quite a pile of baby girl clothes. There was certainly much more than one little girl could ever use! Those same nieces are very much into their baby dolls, so what better way to utilize some of those baby clothes than to turn them into dolly clothes? As an added bonus, the dolls will never grow out of their clothes, PLUS it is so fun for the girls to put the same clothes on their dolls that they themselves used to wear!

Here I will show you a super simple way to make doll pajamas!

STEP ONE: Supplies! You need a doll, baby pajamas, LOTS of pins, a good pair of scissors, and your sewing machine.

STEP TWO: Turn the pajamas inside out and put it on your doll. (I am using my niece's doll she named "Crocodile." Such a pretty name!)

STEP THREE: Pin around the doll. You will make a seam across the neckline and shoulders, and down the arms. This will make the neck small enough for the doll. Then pin from below the wrist all the way around the legs and back up to the other wrist.

STEP FOUR: Carefully remove the pajamas, taking care not to lose or poke yourself with any pins. (This step also helps ensure your doll pajamas will go on and off the doll easily.)


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Love to sew baby clothes too

2007-02-27 19:34:55 by mooonie

Nice to see a sewing forum.
I like to take old wedding dresses and make christening outfits out of it.
The bodice part makes a perfect bonnet with all the beading and embroidery and the dress and train...all sorts of things.
The gown is usually enough for a receiving blanket and a shawl.
I never had a little girl to sew for. I had 2 boys and did plenty of sewing and serging for them but I never had the opportunity to made the really "doll" baby clothing.
I'm located in Minnesota and been sewing all my life. I love to do quilts too.
I especially love my serger-Da Elna

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