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Judi's Dolls Baby Bows Free Cloth Doll Pattern

>Do not use wood for a small child's doll, in case they might somehow get it out of the head and swallow it, even though it is encased in yarn and would be REALLY hard to swallow!.
Another NOTE>> You could also use a couple of cotton balls to tie the hair around.

Freezer Paper or card stock or whatever you would like, to make the whole pattern from. I use Freezer paper; iron it to the fabric and draw around it. For this large doll, sewing around the Freezer Paper is quite difficult, because of all the turns, and it comes loose, that is why I do the draw around method for Baby Bows.

2 yards of very strong nylon cord. I use my Jointing Cord. The cord you use needs to be able to be put through the eye of a big needle and strong enough that you can not even come close to breaking 2 strands, it if you pull as hard as you can. (See if an adult Guy can break it. That is an even better test.)



This doll is so simple that the directions are very briefWhen you overlap the paper by the 1/2 ", you will need to complete some little spaces Line up the FOLD line, and complete the little spots that don't print. They are VERY small and easy.

1. Make a whole pattern on Freezer Paper or card stock.or.whatever you desire.

2. Draw around the whole pattern on your doubled fabric.

3. Pin the fabric together in a few spotscut away some of the excess fabric to make the whole thing easier to handle, and then sew all around the form using a very small stitch and leaving the top of the head open. (For extra strength sew the whole doll twice. (Or at least sew the V s and U s a second time.)

4. Cut the sewn form out about ¼" from your sewing, and clip at all V s and U s.

5. Turn right side out, and top stitch inside the ears.

6. Stuff the feet and legs, then when you get to the hips, tie a ribbon around the area, making a double knot first, then tie a bow, and then tie the loops of the bow in a knot. This will hopefully keep little fingers from un-tying the ribbons. You can also sew the knots to secure them betterNOTE>> you can also stitch across theses areas if desired. But, I made Baby Bows with the tied joints, so my little neighbor girls could do all of the "dollmaking", except for the machine sewing of the form. This is a really fun Kid Project, with adult help and supervision Baby Bows is also a wonderful "lovey" doll, or play doll that is soft, warm, and wears real baby clothes.

7. Stuff the hands and arms to the shoulders, and tie the shoulders off like you did the legs.

8. Stuff the tummy nice and round, and up into the neck and head, making them quite firm.

9. Tie a ribbon around the neck, like you did for the hips and shoulders, but don't make the neck too small.

10. Thread a big needle with 2 strands of jointing cord or 6-8 strands of dental floss, and run a gather stitch around the head where marked. (not at the edge) That extra fabric makes tucking it into the head easier.


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2008-03-24 21:46:32 by tryingtobehelpful

Once at clothdollconnection scroll down the links to the one with Free Patterns and look around.
It would help if we knew a little more details about what you are looking for and what you like or don't like, how skilled you are, how detailed you want the doll to be, etc.
None of this is meant to offend. There are just so many choices and we don't know which pattern you have or what it looks like. A picture would help.
What type of doll shape are you looking for? Baby doll? Cabbage Patch? American Girl? Bitty Baby?
The 16" and 20" on your pattern might be Cabbage Patch or regular Baby doll sizes

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