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We wilsons: Dolls and their Clothes: Super Easy Patterns

I loved the Weir kit I used. I know it would be satisfying to make one of these from scratch, but if you don't want to hunt down all the materials, and if you're looking to skip a few steps to save time, these kits are really great.

The shirt pattern has several things going for it: It's super easy and fast, which is great when you want to whip up a bunch to mix and match. Another nice thing, is that it's easy for children to learn to put on themselves - which Mommies are always grateful for. The elastic in the neck and the roominess of the blouse allows you to just slip it over the dolls head. Plus, the basic shape is easy to adapt to fit most any shape or size doll. I drafted mine for the 14" doll, but you can make it fit whatever you need.

A few tips:
1. Pull the elastic in the neck tight so that it isn't too big. Also, the waldorf dolls are pretty skinny, so the elastic in the pants should be smaller than you expect.
2. To save time, cut out your pants with the bottom of the leg along the selvedge so that you don't have to hem the pants.
3. Use knit, quilting cotton, or fleece. This pattern seems to work with most anything.
4. To add a little shape to the dress, tie a ribbon around the waist.


Simplicity Simplicity 8105 Crafts Sewing Pattern Andrea Schewe Baby Doll Clothes & Accessories
Art and Craft Supply (Simplicity)
  • Small: 12 - 14 inch
  • Medium: 16 - 18 inch
  • Large: 20 - 22 inch
  • Uncut, factory folded
  • Copyright: 1992

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2008-03-24 21:46:32 by tryingtobehelpful

Once at clothdollconnection scroll down the links to the one with Free Patterns and look around.
It would help if we knew a little more details about what you are looking for and what you like or don't like, how skilled you are, how detailed you want the doll to be, etc.
None of this is meant to offend. There are just so many choices and we don't know which pattern you have or what it looks like. A picture would help.
What type of doll shape are you looking for? Baby doll? Cabbage Patch? American Girl? Bitty Baby?
The 16" and 20" on your pattern might be Cabbage Patch or regular Baby doll sizes

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Allegra K Allegra K Women's Round Neck Off-shoulder Striped Stars Pattern Baby-doll Shirt
Apparel (Allegra K)
  • Round Neck,Off-shoulder,Stripes,Stars Pattern
  • Splice Design,Hollow Out Back,Loose
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  • Material: Polyester; Net Weight: 141g
  • Package Content: 1 x Blouse
Krause Publications Sew Baby Doll Clothes: Instructions and Full-size Patterns for 30+ Projects for 12" to 22" Dolls
Book (Krause Publications)
Vintage Home Arts Vintage Knitting PATTERN to make - 10"-18" Baby Boy Doll Clothes Suit Shirt Sweater Pants Hat Cap. This is a pattern and/or instructions to make the item only.
Single Detail Page Misc (Vintage Home Arts)
  • High quality vintage or antique out-of-print pattern.
  • Comes in acid-free archival quality sheet protector.
  • Free pattern included in each order.

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