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Baby Care Kit ~ Newborn Dolls
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Product Description

Teach the following baby care skills:
• Proper lifting and carrying
• Feeding
• Bathing
• Dressing
• Swaddling
• Diapering

Teach students or expectant parents the basics of baby care with the materials in these kits. Each life-like female baby doll is 20" long with jointed arms and legs to allow for changing positions. The soft vinyl body is washable and may be submerged in water (drain water before storing). Each kit includes: one newborn white doll, one newborn black doll, tub for bathing, three cloth diapers, three disposable diapers, plastic pants, moist towelettes, diaper pins, baby gown, three undershirts, booties, baby bottle, baby spoon, soap, bib, shampoo, washcloth, towel, cotton balls, baby oil, baby lotion, baby powder, receiving blanket, and 20 baby care booklets.


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Got lots of goodies

2009-08-22 22:58:22 by SFplusP

Since so many people are around I thought I would post about my super busy week :)
Thursday I went shopping for the baby stuff I still needed, and I got my bassinet for $60 off CL- its in perfect condition, and new it would be $140. Its super cute and I love it although we had the hardest time... it didnt fit down my hallway to get into my room! lol it came all assembled and then I had to take it apart just to put in where I wanted it.
I also got my crib mattress and some random odds and ends- more sleep sacks and diaper cream etc so I got all of my NEEDS done on thursday, now all I have left are things I may want

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