Real Life like newborn baby dolls

Reborns: Unnervingly Realistic Baby Dolls

baby1Photo: Glenda Ewart

All images courtesy of Glenda Ewart

If you were to be completely honest, then you would have to concede that one of the most appealing things in the whole world, to any adult human, is the sight, smell and sound of a newborn baby. There is something primeval about the feelings that overtake you when a tiny infant is close by.baby2 You cannot help but want to look, and nobody could say that there was anything strange about it. We all want to ensure the future of the human race, and babies surely represent that future.baby3

Photo: Glenda Ewart

There is a growing popularity among women to want to hang on to their newborn for as long as possible. Not by flicking through a photograph album, but by commissioning the creation of a lifelike doll, known as a reborn, which is a true representation of the baby that their child once was.baby4 These life-size dolls look and feel like real newborn babies, even down to their weight, and both making and owning them is becoming increasingly popular, as demand grows.

Photo: Glenda Ewart

One exceptionally gifted exponent of this art, for it is undoubtedly a unique art form, is Glenda Ewart of Castlerock in the county of Derry in Northern Ireland. Once working as a chef before becoming pregnant for the first time, she was surfing the internet for baby clothes when she stumbled across the art of sculpting baby dolls and was immediately hooked. It was six years ago that Glenda found she had a special aptitude for the level of detail involved in working to transform a blank-faced vinyl doll into an uncannily accurate fake baby.

Photo: Glenda Ewart

At least a full month is needed to create one, simply to get the fine detail right; the painting of skin tones only can involve many layers of paint to make the doll as life-like as possible. Hair for the dolls is rooted by hand, premium kid mohair being used because it can be washed and styled like normal hair. Of course, Glenda made errors in the beginning, and a couple of the first dolls she made were not that good, but she persevered. Having a child to take care of, she had no need to rush things, and the dolls were at that time more of a hobby.

Photo: Glenda Ewart

However, Glenda heard about the Original Guild of Reborns where other ladies did this modeling and joined to learn more about the craft. Four years later, what began for Glenda, now 36, as a hobby has now grown into a lucrative business for the mother-of-three. She kept on practicing the sculpting of dolls, and finding she had a real talent for it, began, as a member of the Original Guild of Reborns, to find opportunities for selling her work all over the world.

As she has pointed out: "It has just grown and grown, ladies are buying them for their daughters or I make them for collectors. The furthest away was Australia which was two years ago and I sent one to America just before Christmas."

Photo: Glenda Ewart

Each new, individually crafted baby doll is the product of many hours of intense work by Glenda before it reaches its new owner, complete with its own “rebirth” certificate. When you look through the images contained in this article, you can appreciate why ‘reborn’ owners sometimes act like genuine parents, fussing over the doll as if it were real. Police in Australia actually broke the window of a locked car to rescue an unconscious ‘baby’ that turned out to be a doll.

Photo: Glenda Ewart

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