Real life newborn baby Dolls

Reborn Baby Dolls Look Like Real Newborns

There's no disputing the aww-inducing adorableness of a real-life newborn, but a doll that's handcrafted to look like a living, breathing infant? We can't decide if that's super cute -- or super creepy. The doppelgangers, called reborn babies, are meticulously made to look just like the real deal, minus the 3 a.m. crying jags and endless dirty diapers. iVillagers were split on Facebook, where over 100 people weighed in:

"I'd have been all over one of these as a kid. All I’ve ever wanted was to be a mommy." -- Melissa

"They creep me out, honestly, the same way wax museums do." -- Suzanne

"How beautiful. The details on the doll show that the person that made it has a great eye and a lot of love. I would love to have one for myself. It is a real piece of artwork and the very essence of peace." -- Barbara

"I understand why some people like them, and if it cuts down on people having babies to play with, okay, but they are not something I'd want in my house." -- Naomi

"I make them and they are very collectible and also very time consuming to do. They can be made as just a piece of art or, depending on the body material, as a doll for a child to play with. People are willing to pay pretty high prices for the top of the line. I'm talking several thousand dollars. People are fascinated by these reborns, creepy or not!!" -- Debbie

"Reborn dolls are creepy as all hell, but as an artist I appreciate the time, effort and skill it takes to create such an interestingly real piece." -- Jo

"That is so scary to think a doll can look that me the creeps." -- Meriah

"It's beautiful! Can so see it as a prop for TV, movies or theater!" -- Mary

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