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Reborn Baby Doll Bottles are regular baby bottles that have been modified with fake (faux) formula or juices and made useful as props for the dolls. They are no longer suitable for human baby use.

The bottles come in all shapes and sizes and can be used by anyone who owns a baby doll, but they are best suited for older children, young adults and adults who are into collecting and nurturing reborn baby dolls.

What is a reborn baby doll? This is an existing doll that has been remade, modified, enhanced, either from a kit or from an existing baby doll, to look like a real baby or infant. There are reborn baby dolls that, from a distance, it would be impossible to tell whether the infant was a real child or a doll. These dolls are remade by their doll owners or by artists who specialize in the art of making these adorable "babies". You can see many beautiful dolls by doing a search online on Google or Bing.

Naturally, reborn baby dolls need accessories. That would include baby doll bottles and sippy cups as they celebrate birthday after birthday. Today's focus will be on the reborn baby doll bottles.

Every doll owner has different tastes. Some dolls are frilly and adorable. Others are casual and "cool" and like to lay around in the latest fashions. Baby doll bottles are made to suit so many types of owners. So how do you choose?

Choosing is going to be a matter of personal preference. Typically the bottles are 5 oz to 10 oz in size and come filled with faux (fake) formula, fake apple juice, grape juice or punch. Obviously the 5 oz bottles are going to weigh less than the 10 oz ones, but both look very realistic with the liquid sealed inside with a permanent adhesive.

The main differences are the way the liquid flows. Some of the bottles have liquid that flow all the way into the nipple. This is the more realistic looking type of bottle when in use, however, caution will need to be taken in this case. If the nipple becomes damaged for any reason or the seal becomes broken, you do take the risk of the liquid leaking onto your doll. This is not very likely if the bottle nipple is not abused, but it is something to keep in mind.

Other bottles have liquid in the bottle itself but have the nipple portion blocked off and sealed in a variety of ways. Some bottles have the nipple removed completely and are just sealed at the top. If you've ever watched any of the You Tube videos of reborn baby doll moms feeding their dolls, you will see that all of the ways the bottles are used look very realistic.


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There is a line of dolls that have animal

2006-08-24 11:43:25 by GoldToeSocks

Costumes one (sleepers with an animal on the sleeper). I bought DD a blue one because she wanted a boy baby. I think it was $15 at Toys R Us and I think it was in the Chou Chou line of dolls?? It is soft but has realistic facial features and came with a little matching blanket and toy lion. He might respond to something like that..a doll but not pink and frilly. I also got her a little doll carrier just like the infant carseats. Perhaps get him one of those toy bottles that looks like it is emptying when put in the baby's mouth. I bet he would love it.

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