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I would like to start this guide for many reasons, but the most important reason is for Honesty and quality.

If you are a new collector / doll artist OR an advanced collector / doll artist, Please consider reading this guide.

This guide is also a great source for sellers listing dolls or doll parts for sale on ebay.

Those who are looking to purchase a doll on ebay that they will use to reborn - newborn Please UNDERSTAND that the most important thing to look at first is the items quality. This involves a few things, if the item is TRULY an ACCEPTABLE quality (Industry Standard ) what is truly USED by doll artist or reborn artist or for reborn / newborning QUALITY Items that you could actually later sell that would be considered an artist doll or reborn doll.

The Doll Artist community is EXTREMELY conscientious about what materials artist use to make these artist dolls.

Almost every artist has a preference as to which materials they will BUY or USE However, The artist FIRST choice is highest quality available (meaning ) either in True Reborn Doll Kit form or High Quality Dolls, (most) Silicone Dolls, (most) Berenguer Dolls (most) Middleton Dolls (Some) Masterpiece Dolls (All) Secrist Dolls (some) Zapf Dolls (Specific) Anne Geddes Dolls (Some) Gotz Dolls (most) Dollmaker & Friends Dolls and a few other doll makers. I will go into the list of dolls and the artist restrictions and complications when buying and using these dolls in next guide.

To start when Selling a Doll, Doll Kit or Doll Parts I CAN NOT STRESS ENOUGH PLEASE Do NOT use Reborn in the Listing Title UNLESS IT IS SPECIFIC to the field of Reborn Doll making. Not only do you look extremely silly to the buyers, but you honestly Negatively seal your own fate as a seller when you list items that do not qualify in the reborn art world. Understand Not one person should or will purchase your items because they truly know better and when you do list and try to to pass off items that are not used in the field you will never be looked at again nor will anyone ever consider you as a valuable member.

Both the Artists and Collectors are very serious and do not take nicely to being fooled, mislead, or misguided in anyway shape or form.

The doll artist community is extremely close everyone truly is connected in one way or another. How you are valued as a seller is solely up to your honest intentions.


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Actually, I think she wants to know about dolls

2007-08-16 01:43:27 by VickiSF

Not babies. That is my point. The word babies leads people to believe that this might have to do with human beings, not dolls. They appear to be called reborn dolls, or reborn baby dolls, according to limited research I did. That term indicates you are talking about a doll and not a human being.
The ratings could have been just because people hate these dolls. The ratings could have been because people thought it was some weird religious thing. I don't know. I just saw that the OP was getting a lot of OT replies, but very few on topic, so I was trying to suggest a way for her to get more on topic replies

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