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WELCOME to the Newborn Nursery!

Hi there! I’m Lauren, one of the nurses that will help you through the Newborn Nursery adoption process today.

By the end of our time together, you will have selected YOUR VERY OWN Newborn Nursery baby doll, and you will have learned a lot more about how to care of not only your baby doll, but REAL babies too!

Our Newborn Nursery Babies look and feel like real babies. Once you hold one in your arms, and look into their eyes, you will never want to let them go.

You can also get adorable outfits to dress your Newborn Nursery Baby, plus accessories so you can play with baby all day long!

And don't forget to make your baby's Birth Certificate!

Experience Newborn Nursery online NOW:


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Teen girls carrying around baby dolls

2007-11-15 16:47:17 by that_cry?_practice?

Ok, i'm at a public library, and there's a teen with a baby doll that's crying, and she's feeding it and holding it, but it's still crying.
i've seen this before, always a teen girl, with these fake realistic babies, and i think they're so they'll know what it's like to have to care for a real baby.
does anyone know more about this? who tells them to do this? and what gets me, i've never seen a teen boy with one, but certainly sometimes they're young parents too in real life
anyone, the doll's still crying after all this, and the girl seems to be doing all she can, but i'm in a library and it's annoying

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