Realistic Baby dolls for children

Baby Dolls for African American, and other Black children
Fashion and lifelike 50cm boy reborn baby doll/ for children s toy

This Black Baby doll is going to be her best friend and her constant companion and her very own baby to love and live with for the next... two? three? maybe even twenty years? This doll is too important to be limited to the selection in the big box stores!

You see, Addie and I have found close to 50 different Black and African American baby dolls for you to choose from... Soft Black Rag dolls and Loveys for the youngest children, all the way up to the beautiful African-American play dolls from Corolle, Diana and Adora. We have musical dolls for the nursery, Black 'Learn to Dress' dolls, and dolls for boys. Even dolls that you can give as gifts for newborns and that are crib-safe.

Why are dolls sold by age group?

Take 'Loveys'. These soft black rag style baby dolls can be put in a newborn's crib, and have different textures and bright eye catching colors.

But your baby can't see much farther than your face 'til shes six months old, so she explores her world with her fingers. But these simple black rag dolls will bore a toddler to tears!

On the other hand black baby dolls for toddlers need to be lightweight, so a child just learning to walk can carry her easily; the more realistic African American dolls might be too heavy until she's a little older. But whatever your need, we offer 50+ Black, Brown or African-American baby dolls to choose from - one or two of them will be perfect for your little girl (or boy)!

Why pay over $100 for American Girl Dolls?
our 18" dolls cost half as much!

You'll also find Black Nurse dolls and Black Potty Training dolls; Pretty Black ballerina dolls and African American dolls with hair, even hair-styling black dolls. One of the things that makes America great is the wonderful diversity of our peoples. The buyers at the Pattycake Doll Co. have made great efforts to offer you this beautiful selection of Black and African-American dolls plus multi-cultural, bi-racial and mixed baby dolls as well! So whether you are looking for African American cloth doll, or a Black realistic baby doll, Desi baby dolls for children from India, Pakistan and the rest of Southern Asia, we are sure that you will find a safe and suitable ethnic baby doll for your loved ones!

And with our100% satisfaction guarantee, if you can't find a Black baby doll for your little girl on this page, well pardon for us for saying so, but you weren't really looking!

When you think about it, tucked away in your fondest memories, there's a baby doll, or maybe a soft, stuffed toy, that touched your heart and whom you've never forgotten. And now here you are, all these years later, ready to create the same kind of wonderful, fond, life-long memories for your child. So let's get to it! Let's find those perfect dolls that your children will remember forever.


Melissa and Doug Melissa & Doug Jenna - 12" Doll
Toy (Melissa and Doug)
  • Jenna has a sweet face and soft, cuddly body
  • Wipe-clean arms and legs
  • Removable, smocked, onesie and matching cap
  • Her eyes open and close, and she can suck her thumb or her pacifier
  • Exceptional Quality and value

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Breast Feeding Baby Doll For Kids?!

So let's discuss children's toys for a second

2004-02-28 13:06:57 by babs

I just reccomended to bushido that he buy a bratz doll for 'baby girl.'
these dolls are of 'realistic' women...different shapes....sizes...and ethnicities. they were originally made by a man who wanted his daughter to have a dool that looked like her. they are totally cool.
the only flaw is the have like malformed feet. totally weird.
my that worse then the barbie with no nips?

Manhattan Toy Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Boy by Manhattan Toy
Toy (Manhattan Toy)
  • Feels like a real baby and has cute little toes, a belly button and an adorable baby tummy
  • Comes complete with a cute boy outfit and a pacifier
  • The perfect gift for any one expecting a baby brother
  • Inspires creative play for your young child
Daddy's Little Helpers/Hello Dilly
TV Series Episode Video on Demand ()
3B Scientific 3B Scientific W17001 Female Baby Care Model, 19.7" Height
BISS (3B Scientific)
  • This cute baby-doll is ideal for training the main principals of baby care at school and in preparation courses for young parents
  • It allows dressing, undressing, washing, changing diapers, and many other procedures
  • Due to the realistic size of a newborn infant you can use ordinary baby clothes
  • The doll has movable joints and its eyes are slightly opened
  • Measures 19.7" height

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