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Are Reborn Dolls Safe For Kids To Play With?

images (1)2 While children may love reborn baby dolls just as much as adults do, most do not allow their children to play with them. This is mainly because they are really considered a collector’s item and can easily become damaged. Many doll makers also include small parts with their dolls, so there is always the risk that the child could choke on these as well. However, this does not mean that a young girl has to reach adulthood before she can appreciate reborn babies. If your child is responsible and understands the importance of keeping the doll in mint condition, there is no reason to deprive them of the chance to enjoy these dolls as well.

After you invest in this type of doll for your daughter, and the doll will certainly be expensive, you need to explain to her that this is a special doll that needs special care. Ask her to handle the doll just as she would a real baby. Because reborn dolls have such a realistic look, your child should no problems understanding this concept. In reality, most little girls that really do love their dolls will take good care of them.

Although you may have heard that these dolls are fragile, they can actually withstand quite a bit of abuse. Most have cloth bodies, which can easily be fixed. Limbs that become detached can easily be reattached. However, it may be a good idea to keep your child’s reborn dolls in your room or someplace safe when her friends come over to play.

Also, it is important to keep these dolls away from dogs. Dogs can chew them up to the point where they cannot be repaired. Pens can also cause permanent damage to these dolls. You should also explain to your child that the reborn baby cannot take a real bath, cannot eat real food and cannot drink water from a bottle. These can also damage the doll permanently.


Melissa and Doug Melissa & Doug Brianna - 12" Doll
Toy (Melissa and Doug)
  • Brianna can suck her thumb or her included pacifier
  • Lies down and sits up
  • Removable two-piece outfit with embroidered heart and flower
  • Sweet smelling, soft-bodied baby doll
  • Exceptional Quality and value

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Like that "what would you do" show

2011-04-01 07:55:38 by Dash_Dash_Dash

They're always filming around where I live (NYC suburbs). On one episode they put one of those realistic dolls in the backseat of a car on a hot day.
The worst was probably the one (filmed around the corner from the baby episode) where a couple of kids were harassing an old lady. It wouldn't take much for that to get out of control.

Melissa & Doug Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart
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JC Toys Group, Inc. JC Toys La Newborn (Expressions May Vary)
Toy (JC Toys Group, Inc.)
  • 14" all Vinyl baby doll
  • Comes with 2 outfits, matching hat, booties, diaper, and hospital bracelet
  • Perfect for everyone ages 2+
Melissa & Doug Melissa & Doug Farm Sound Blocks
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  • Animal sounds play when matching cubes are placed in the wooden tray
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