Realistic Looking Baby Dolls for Kids

Realistic Baby Dolls for $12,000. They’re Not Just For Kids Anymore, Apparently.

photo of baby doll picturesYou know what’s creepy? Wax museums. You know what’s even creepier? Satisfying your need to have a child by buying a true to life vinyl baby doll! If for some reason, though, you like the idea of eerily realistic baby dolls, today’s your lucky day! For a mere $12, 000, you can be the proud owner of a “reborn doll.”

Reborn dolls are very different from your typical toy. Each “baby” is handmade to be virtually indistinguishable from a real baby (other than the fact that one is an inanimate object and one is alive.) The facial features, skin tone, birthmarks, and veins of reborn dolls, along …

… with the painstakingly applied one at a time hairs, all come together to create the ultimate replacement baby.

A recent news report explained that “reborn babies” are most popular among young women who claim that the dolls satisfy their maternal needs until they are ready for the real thing. Some middle-aged women also find comfort in the the “babies, ” as their real children move out, and the fact that “reborn babies” can be customized to resemble these women’s own children as babies. And of course, other customization options such as a premature “baby” with it’s own incubator, or a scarily realistic orangutan baby, shouldn’t be over looked.

Owner’s of these dolls think of them as anything but toys. While they claim to understand that their dolls aren’t real babies, many of them treat their dolls like real children, taking them for walks in strollers and making them sit in car seats. The women, “are able to suspend disbelief and play with them as though they are real-kind of like believing in a movie while you are watching it…”

I’m personally not sure why anyone with an extra $12, 000 lying around and and a dire need for a child would bother with buying and caring for a doll when they could just have a child. But hey thats just me. I guess that when it comes to babies, some women just “play hard or go home.”

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Yeah, I had to do the egg thing

2010-06-03 13:21:04 by Seed_Starter

But it was in 4th grade or something. Not nearly as realistic as the high school experience with the babies/realistic dolls.
I got a kick out of seeing my friend's baby too. It was the birthing baby and the baby in the church too with Charlie. So cute!
I am so ready for this kid to be born. She feels huge and like she takes up every last inch of my insides.
We just got pre-approved for a home loan so we are looking at places to buy which is fun. DH's "provider" mode has kicked into high gear and he is super excited about houses and the baby.

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