Realistic Reborn Baby Dolls

Creepy but Incredibly Realistic Reborn Baby Dolls (23 pics)
Creepy but Incredibly Realistic Reborn Baby Dolls | PIXIMUS

Designed primarily as toys for mothers-to-be and kids clothes mannequins, reborn dolls are rapidly gaining popularity among collectors and women who are unable to have their own kids.

Reborn dolls look just like real infants – except for their blank stare and no breathing. Depending on the quality and complicity of the doll its cost ranges from few hundreds to few thousand dollars.

First reborns were made of ordinary toy dolls but soon specially designed sets for producing reborn dolls were developed. This set called “mold” consists of plastic head, arms and legs and a stuffed textile body.

An artist degreases the mold, slits holes for eyes and mouth and proceeds to the hardest part – the painting of a doll. Reborns are painted with acrylic and oil paints. First the artist creates the natural skin tone of an infant, and then he draws a unique ornament of veins, capillaries, spots and so on.

After that the artist fabricates the texture of the skin with a special varnish. Finally, he carefully implants finest mohair into the doll's head and mounts two glass eyes.

Many psychologists warn against the usage of such dolls because the woman’s affection towards them may become obsessive and even lead to inability to care for one’s own children. There are numerous examples of women treating their reborn dolls as if they were alive and refusing to have real kids.

Presently it is possible to make reborn dolls of any size and shape from the newborn to the first grader – even the unusual dolls like baby gorilla or a troll.

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Reborn Dolls Cuddly ... or creepy?

2009-01-02 06:30:18 by cheaande

They’re called “reborns”: incredibly lifelike baby dolls that sell for up to $4,000 to adult women who collect them, change their clothes, and in some ways treat them like real babies.
“It fills a spot in your heart,” Lynn Katsaris told TODAY’s Matt Lauer Wednesday in New York as she cuddled “Benjamin” and “Michael” in her arms. A realtor from suburban Phoenix, Katsaris is also an artist who has created 1,052 reborn dolls and sold them to women around the world. She was one of three grown women visiting the show with five of the the bogus — but eerily realistic — babies cradled tenderly in their arms

Ty Reborn Baby Doll Very Soft Silicone Vinyl with Stuffed PP Cotton Body 22 Inches
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  • Hair Style: the hair is naturally similar baby lanugo straight hair, with a li...Hair can be any shape, and fixed. Just like a real baby 's hair can be washed.
  • Nose: the nostrils are open, just like breathing. Lips: warm and humid, look natural and soft, you can not help but want to kiss.
  • Cloth: you can wear it beautiful cloth. Nails: completely hand-drawn nails, re... bed and translucent nails, and even some nails life milky a half of moon shap
JC Toys Group, Inc. JC Toys La Newborn (Expressions May Vary)
Toy (JC Toys Group, Inc.)
  • 14" all Vinyl baby doll
  • Comes with 2 outfits, matching hat, booties, diaper, and hospital bracelet
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Jeannine M. Holper Realistic Hair for Reborn Dolls & Kits: Hand Rooting Techniques Excellence in Reborn Artistry Series
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