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About Reborn Babies

Reborn babies are dolls made to look like realistic babies. These lifelike dolls are unique, with none of them being identical to any other. Reborn babies are a marvel to look at, since they are exactly the size of a new born baby. Also, the dolls are filled with craft pellets or glass beads to give them a realistic weight and polyfil is used in the torso for true-to-life softness. Most of them have a soft body, since this makes them look real, but some may also prefer to purchase Reborn babies with a vinyl body. The dolls are carefully painted to give them a human skin and mottled effect. Veins are also added to give a more dramatic look. The doll is then given life-like hair and eyelashes with high quality coloured mohair. The tiny fingers and toes of Reborn babies are manicured and varnished to give a glossy look. If the doll’s eyes are intended to be left open, then various colour options like brown, blue, green, black, etc are used. These eyes are made with very realistic-looking blown glass. Depending on customer’s preferences, the Reborn doll can also be given a heart beat and magnetic hair ribbon. The baby is dressed in real baby clothing and shoes. These dolls have become a collectible item. Reborn babies are available online in UK and other countries for purchase.


Gerber/Nuk Reborn Baby Doll Bottle PINK Faux Prop FAKE Formula 5oz NEW
Toy (Gerber/Nuk)
  • Brand New Nuk/Gerber Baby Bottle Modified - PROP NOT A TOY
  • Faux Prop FAKE Milk - PROP - NOT A TOY
  • Permanently Sealed
  • Small Latex Nipple Fits Most Open Mouths
  • Clear Plastic Cover

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Reborn babies for sale

2009-05-06 20:29:20 by Sweet_reborns

I am selling reborn baby dolls that I need to sell asap-Really need the money for my daughters 4th birthday! $80 each or take all of them for a good price! Remember they sell for $300. Very lifelike-handpainted and handrooted hair...They look and feel like real babies!
email me for pictures at
Thank you!

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