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BY FAR, the single most asked question that we receive, is how to apply eyelashes to one's reborn dolls, or, more specifically, What am I doing wrong?!? It's like the glue is on the wrong side!

First know, it's not just you. Applying baby lashes can be very tricky, but their are a few little things that you can do to make the process far less frustrating.

Tip- Always apply lashes after any heating of your head is done. They're made from a synthetic material that will melt, even at temperatures as low as about 200 degrees farenheit.

Removing the old adhesive

The adhesive that's already on the lash is very low tack, and meant only to hold the lash to the card, and then release easily when your ready for application, so it's certainly not the adhesive that you're going to want to depend on to hold those little lashes in place.

As you remove each eyelash from it's card, stick it to a piece of paper. You can either use your fingernail to try & remove the goo, or apply Goo Gone (available at Walmart) to a Q-tip & wipe it away.

Cutting down to size

Once the original adhesive is removed, with the head in your lap, hold the lash against your babies eyelid with one hand & with the other hand, use a craft blade, such as the one below, to press against the base of the lash where it should be cut to remove excess(this makes a crease in the lash, marking where to cut).

Hold the lash against your paper & use the craft blade to cut off the excess.

Application of new adhesive

The type of adhesive is a matter of personal preference. You can use Fabri-tac, E6000 or any other high tack, all purpose craft adhesive(I don't recommend Aleene's Tacky Glue for this step).

Squeeze a bead of the glue out onto your paper. Put one base corner of the lash just on top of the glue bead and then run in across, to the other corner, allowing the entire base to collect a thin strip of the adhesive.

Using your fingers, or an EZ-lasher, if you prefer - place the eyelash so that it curves upward for top lashes, & downward for bottom against the lid, Using a toothpick, press the base of the lash firmly into place, at the back of the lid, and then while continuing to press, slide the toothpick back out towards you(this allows it to catch just past the front of the lid).

The finishing touch

To add the ultimate realism, use hair cutting shears to taper the corners of the lashes. Just angle at a slightly downward angle at each corner, and give a little snip.

Voila! Perfect Baby Eyelashes(with a lot less headache)

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