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A Reborn Doll is a supersoft vinyl baby doll that has been enhanced to resemble a human baby. { Visit Galleries on this site to veiw completed dolls available for sale or order}.

The Reborn Doll story began around 1990 when doll enthusiasts wanted more realistic baby dolls. In 2002 the first Reborn baby went on Ebay, there was a lady in the US who hand painted a store bought Berenguer baby doll to resemble a human baby with hand-applied hair she then listed this on Ebay she called it a REBORN baby, the baby doll was described as being Born ~ again. It is believed that this is where the term Reborn Baby came from… this caught on & now Artists who Reborn babies are now known as Reborners.

Popularity of these Realistic Reborn Baby dolls has now created the new evolution of doll craftmanship and the Reborn Doll industry has emerged and is growing exponentially. Depending on the Baby Doll they can range in price from the hundreds to even thousands of dollars. The traditional vinyl Berenguer baby dolls are still very popular with Reborners & Collectors today, with Ltd Ed or La Newborns being highly sought after. Along with these adorable babies there are a vast variety of silicon~vinal doll kits available in all sizes which have been especially created for Reborners by Doll sculpting Artisans worldwide, these dolls come in disassembled and unpainted {blank} ‘Kit form’ in either Limited Edition or regular runs. Reborners are then able to create their magic by enhancing the babies by painting Hairing & weighting the babies to resemble a real human baby with exceptional attention to every detail.

Each Reborn Baby Doll is completely hand painted & detailed taking numerous hours upon hours to create, making each an original One of a kind {OOAK} baby. No two Babies are ever created the same, with each baby being hand painted allows for subtle differences in skin tones, hair and eye colour, which can vary the look of these adorable baby dolls in surprising ways!

Cathy’s Reborn Babies from ~ ‘Gods Little Reborn Nursery’~ Are authenticated by the body label or hospital tags with dolls Nursery Name, Maker, and Reborn Artists Details. Along with a Certificate of the Reborners Authenticity ~ Babies Birth Certificate.

I'M ALWAYS ASKED, Who buys Reborn babies?

Because of their realistic nature, The process of buying a Reborn Baby can for some simulate an adoption process, rather than a prosaic sale of a product. As part of this, the dolls come with fake Birth Certificates or Adoption certificates. These Reborn dolls are usually taken quite seriously by their newly adopted parents and it’s not uncommon for them to be cared for like an infant.

There are many consumers of reborn dolls who have dolls specially made to resemble their child or children or even grandchildren.. where others who love baby dolls both young and old collect or have reborns as they would any other regular doll.

Source: www.cathybradyartist.com

Viviane Aleluia QBonecas Magazine Issue#2 - Lifelike Doll, Reborn baby Doll, OOAK (QBonecas Magazine Issue#2 - Lifelike Doll, Reborn baby Doll, OOAK)
Book (Viviane Aleluia)

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Reborn babies for sale

2009-05-06 20:29:20 by Sweet_reborns

I am selling reborn baby dolls that I need to sell asap-Really need the money for my daughters 4th birthday! $80 each or take all of them for a good price! Remember they sell for $300. Very lifelike-handpainted and handrooted hair...They look and feel like real babies!
email me for pictures at Taurus.chic@live.com
Thank you!

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