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About Reborn Dolls

The art of reborn dolls virtually recreates the real baby. The reborn artists make dolls that are amazingly like real babies. The reborn dolls’ bodies are created from moulds and are then painted. Real accessories are subsequently added to this miniature wonder. The limbs, head and body of the reborn doll are treated with different techniques, giving the skin an extremely realistic look. Many layers of different soluble paints are added to give the doll’s skin the feel of an actual new born baby. Even the veins of the reborn dolls are also created just the way they look on a human baby. Two types of reborn dolls are available in the market, soft and vinyl. Soft reborn babies are stuffed to give them a cuddlier feel. They almost weigh equal to a real baby. Next comes the hair of these reborn dolls; they are actually rooted in the scalp of the doll for an authentic appeal. The hair is made from high quality coloured mohair, and is rooted with special needles in the head and eyelashes. Rooting of hair is done strand by strand and therefore takes days to complete for a single doll. The nails of the reborn dolls are varnished and manicured, giving them a glossy finish. The eyes of the doll are created with blown glass; these are generally blue in colour and can be customised as well. Unlike most other dolls available in the market, the nostrils of this doll are open to make it feel as if the doll is actually breathing. Some reborn dolls are enhanced with heartbeats, moving eyes and magnetic hair ribbons; reborn baby kits are also available. The doll is finally dressed in real baby’s clothes and packaged ñ ready to astound at first sight!


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